See What Matters to Plastics Decorators at NPE

More than 65,000 professionals from 100 countries representing the entire plastics industry and its vertical markets are expected to converge on the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) for NPE2018 in Orlando, Florida, May 7 through 11. This triennial international event will occupy the West and South Halls of the OCCC and will feature sessions on the latest trends and newest technology being used in the plastics industry. Attendees can expect to build connections, exchange ideas and explore the largest concentration of machinery, tools, technology and professional training available in today’s industry marketplace.

Produced by Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), NPE2018: The Plastics Show will fill a 1 million-square-foot space with full-scale, operating machinery and equipment; 2,000 exhibiting companies; new product demos; 11 sector and process-specific Technology Zones; and an International Pavilion. NPE assembles the full array of products, tools, equipment and resources in one venue, providing total coverage of the innovative solutions and emerging technologies that are shaping the future of plastics. For more information about exhibits, sessions or registration, visit

The following is a list of NPE2018 exhibitors of interest to Plastics Decorating readers.

Booth W4283

Manufacturing corona and plasma surface treatment systems designed to improve adhesion on a wide array of plastics, rubber, foam, glass and more. Its complete line of standard and custom systems creates powerful bonding for printing, adhesive, coating and laminating applications. 3DT’s systems are designed and manufactured in the US. Demonstrating PolyDyne Pro, its corona generator.

Booth W2103

Launching the ULTIMAX-2M2N hot stamp/heat transfer machine. Ideally suited for cosmetic packaging applications including lipsticks, jars and caps, the ULTIMAX-2M2N provides 15 percent greater throughput than competitive models and requires fewer moving parts.

Comdec Inc.
Booth S14075

Exhibiting its line of Ruco pad printing and screen printing inks, as well as its Standard Machine pad printing equipment.

Diversified Printing Techniques
Booth W3783

Showing pad printing equipment built for today’s manufacturing needs. Robot automation, simple automation and equipment made to improve processes. Also showing its patented ink cups with liners, high-quality laser plates and all the supplies needed for pad printing operations.

Dukane IAS, LLC
Booth W1442

Exhibiting servo ultrasonic welding systems with patented Melt-Match® technology providing the most accurate and repeatable ultrasonic plastic welders in the industry. Dukane will also focus on its particulate free/particulate reducing processes, including hot gas welding, infrared preheat vibration technologies and clear-to-clear plastic laser welding requiring no absorbing additives.

Emerson (Branson)
Booth W3763

Introducing the Branson GLX laser welder technology that delivers clean, high-speed welding for medium and large-format plastic parts with complex geometrics requiring precisely controlled particulate-free welds with superior aesthetic quality. Branson GLX welders offer close loop force control system with greater weld quality, weld consistency and overall repeatability.

Enercon Industries
Booth W7059

Offering atmospheric plasma treaters, flame surface treaters and corona treaters to improve adhesive and ink adhesion on plastics, composites, glass and metals. Treating cleans, etches and functionalizes surfaces, removing contamination, creating bonding sites and activating surfaces to promote adhesion.

Engineered Printing Solutions
Booth W5445

Providing turnkey solutions for decorating, branding and marking. The company can build what is needed and back what it builds. Offering inkjet customization, pad printing, automation, robotics and more. Engineered Printing Solutions is the leader in industrial inkjet integration.

Extol, Inc.
Booth W1491

Showcasing the new IS32 InfraStake module with intelligent InfraStake Processing Assistant for automotive interiors that produces tight, strong plastic stakes with full quality assurance and low maintenance. Extol also developed a revolutionary new staking technology for lighting and electronics that is small, fast and stick-free.

In-Mold Decorating Association (IMDA)
Booth WL6

Displaying the winning entries from the 2017 IMDA Awards competition plus an assortment of other interesting in-mold labeled packages (IML) and in-mold decorated durable products (IMD).

Booth S14035

Showcasing the latest in direct to shape specialty printing technology. Live demonstrations will be held to show off its latest cylindrical printing technology and automation-ready equipment.

KBA-Kammann USA
Booth W6466

Providing innovative, precision-based decorating equipment for direct printing on 3D containers. With innovative digital inkjet capabilities complementing its traditional screen-printing product line, KBA-Kammann continues to demonstrate technological leadership. Both processes also can be combined to take advantage of its best features, offering flexible high-quality decorating.

Kurz Transfer Products L.P.
Booth W2763

Exhibiting new innovations with hot stamping, digital heat transfer decoration, functional technologies, machine and tooling advancements and more. There will be interactive demonstrators featuring KURZ PolyIC sensors with gesture control, backlighting and touch. A decoration demo of a premium automotive front grill design also will be available.

Booth S26059

Showcasing ServoJet, digital machine for bottles, 7-color with digital white and Hexochrome CMYK+OG, full digital system, advanced inkjet technology for 3D container, full servo-driven movements, precise surface treatment, LED UV curing, integrated prepress graphics design station, instant change over time for graphics and modular configuration with cassette system.

PlasmaTreat North America, Inc.
Booth W7285

Displaying its atmospheric plasma treatment equipment for plastics parts and film.

Plastics Decorating
Booth S32089

Distributing Plastics Decorating, a quarterly magazine featuring the latest technology in hot stamping, pad printing, screen/offset printing, heat transfer, in-mold decorating and plastics assembly methods.

Proell, Inc.
Booth W7475

Serving as both a central warehouse and service center for the highest quality IMD, screen and pad printing inks. Featuring Norilux® DC, a formable, abrasion-resistant dual-cure screen printing lacquer, which is available in matte and high-gloss version.

Sonics & Materials Incorporated
Booth W2403

Demonstrating its full line of ultrasonic welding systems, tooling and components, including bench model presses, hand-held units and kits for OEM installation. Vibration welders, spin welders, hot plate and staking/inserting machines, as well as custom tooling and fixtures, are also available. In-house manufacturing, FEA diagnostics and dedicated Applications Lab.

Thermal Press International, Inc.
Booth W9210

Featuring high-quality, all-digital machines and the opportunity to meet its team of plastic assembly experts. Thermal Press is the leader in precision heat staking, heat sealing and thermal assembly solutions, machines and custom tooling packages.

Trans Tech
Booth W2103

Bringing back the beloved SealCup Pad Printer. In addition to the performance and reliability users expect, the new SealCup provides enhanced flexibility via pad stroke adjustment, patented Express Liners and Express Pad Technology (patent pending).

Trekk Equipment Group
Booth W6993

Offering standard and custom-designed hot stamping and heat transfer decorating equipment packages, all of which include an industry-best five-year warranty. The equipment lines provide the capability to address all types of vertical press, peripheral and roll-on decorating applications. Equipment packages may be designed to include bulk style infeed systems, slide tables, rotary tables and more.

United Silicone
Booth W2103

Featuring its new US25-E Frame Hot Stamp machine that is specially designed for reusable container applications. The machine combines superior performance of 2.5-ton product platforms with 60 percent greater throat depth, which is ideal for crate, bin and tote applications.

Venjakob North America Inc. / Nutro Inc.
Booth S35067

Manufacturing highly automated finishing systems in the fields of paint line automation, robotic paint finishing, part pre-treatment (washing/activating), part conveyance, drying, curing (UV, IR and convection) and exhaust air filtering. Expertise knowledge over decades for the application of functional or decorative coatings.

Verstraete IML
Booth S19154

Presenting inspiring IML packaging and the latest innovations in the IML packaging market. Verstraete IML, one of the world’s leading IML suppliers, is proud to be the preferred partner for 10 IML systems at NPE2018. More details about its new US production site also will be revealed.

Vergason Technology, Inc.
Booth S30118

Providing vacuum metalizing services, equipment and processes, utilizing sputtering, thermal and cathodic-arc for 30 years. Serving industries that include decorative, chrome plating replacement, automotive, appliance, aerospace & defense, electronic, display, cosmetic, packaging, medical and shielding. ISO 9001:2015 Tier 1 Supplier, ITAR Registered and RoHS Compliant.

Webtech, Inc.
Booth W4201

Displaying its standard stock woodgrains, pigment, specialty patterns and metallic foils. Offering Turnkey Hot Stamping and DriCal Heat Transfer Decorating Systems, foils and equipment to decorate various substrates and configurations. Exhibiting its new Therm-It heat transfers label system for application on high-speed Therimage decorating machines. Bright metallized printed labels and designs also available.