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Systematic Automation Announces Model HLT Printer

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The Model HLT screen printer from Systematic Automation, Inc., Farmington, Connecticut, is a semiautomatic system for precision and productivity.

The printer has the Harmonic Lift Table for smooth, fast and vibration-free operation. The micro-adjustable worktable adapts to X, Y and angular axes to meet printing challenges. The result is perfect registration at high speed for maximum productivity. It has linear bearings rated at over 300 million cycles. The HLT adapts easily to various substrates and shapes: thick or thin, flat or cylindrical, tapered or oval. Easy set-up and fast changeover make the HLT ideal for short production runs with minimal downtime. There are hundreds of custom components and tooling attachments that can be added to meet specialized printing needs.

For more information, visit www.systauto.com.