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Ampacet Releases New Technology for Flexible Film

Plastics Decorating

A new patent-pending technology from Ampacet Corp., Tarrytown, New York, called ReptyleFx™, creates unique, customizable colors and surface textures in flexible plastic film, offering designers the opportunity to create edgy new products replicating snakeskinís tactile and visual appeal.

ReptyleFx technology marries colors, special effects and functional additives. Use of a special effect additive renders both rough and smooth textures with multidimensional color effects ó all achieved within a minimum two-layer film structure. ReptyleFx offers a wide range of custom multidimensional effects for applications, including stand-up pouches for snack foods and juice beverages, merchandise bags and mailers, and personal care packaging. Additional applications can range from consumer tapes and labels, and camouflage MRE packaging for the military to countertops, cloth fabric alternatives, rain gear and other plastic clothing and car interior trim.

For more information, visit www.ampacet.com.