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Americhem Inc. and LPKF Collaborate on Laser Plastic Welding Technology

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Americhem Inc., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and LPKF Laser & Electronics, Tualatin, Oregon, have collaborated on a laser plastic welding technology that allows manufacturers to save weight, time and money versus using traditional materials while maintaining and optimizing part aesthetics.

LPKF sells the production equipment and process solutions used in laser plastic welding and Americhem provides coloring technology for both the upper and lower layers. To provide the ultimate in design aesthetics, Americhem can match colors in the transmissive upper layer that enable the laser to pass through this visible layer and create the laser weld using the absorbing lower layer.

This technology is gaining wide use in the automotive, medical and consumer products industries. An example of the technology's advantages is a car taillight cover where the laser plastic welding helps ensure a tight seam. With LPKF's welding equipment and Americhem's color, this seal along the top of the taillight is visible and was used as part of the taillight's creative design.

For more information, visit www.americhem.com or www.lpkfusa.com.