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Proell KG Develops Printing Lacquer

Plastics Decorating

Norilux® DC from Proell KG, Bayern, Germany, is a formable, abrasion-resistant, dual-cure screen printing lacquer that can be used as protective lacquer or hard coat on PC, PMMA, ABS and PP film.

It is ideally suited for first surface coating/protection of products manufactured in IMD/FIM technology. The glossy version of the dual cure lacquer can be printed on textured film surfaces to produce abrasion-resistant and transparent display windows. The matte version can be printed on uncured, transparent, hard-coat films such as Makrofol® HF 278 or 312 to create matte and high-gloss effects in one item. Besides the glossy Norilux DC lacquer, various satin gloss-, textured- and matte-grades – as well as pigmented and UV-stabilized versions – are available.

For more information, visit www.proell.us.