5th Annual PaintExpo Set for April

5th Annual PaintExpo Set for April

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An international trade fair for industrial coating technology will run April 8-14, 2014, in Karlsruhe, Germany. More than 400 exhibitors are expected at PaintExpo, which will highlight new developments in coating technologies and provide answers on how challenges can be met.

The exhibition program covers coating equipment, application systems and spray guns, liquid paints and powdered enamels, automation and conveyor technology, cleaning and pre-treatment, drying and curing, environmental technology, pneumatics, compressed air supply and exhaust purification, water treatment, recycling and disposal, accessories, measuring and test technology, quality assurance, paint stripping, job-shop coating, services and technical literature, as well as identification, printing and packaging.

In addition to PaintExpo, two other trade fairs will run concurrently at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre – the WTT Expo, a trade fair for industrial heating and cooling technology, and the HallTec, a trade fair for technical building equipment for industry and the commercial trades.

For more information, visit www.paintexpo.com.