Herrmann Ultrasonic Machine Punches, Seals in Single Step

Herrmann Ultrasonic Machine Punches, Seals in Single Step

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The HiQ Modular Punch Weld machine, a new technical development from Herrmann Ultrasonics, Bartlett IL, can punch and weld at the same time.

In one single step, the unit transports the membrane belt by conveyor, punches the membrane contour and welds the membrane onto the part. This saves material and reduces the cycle time to less than two seconds per weld cycle, which translates into a major improvement in overall equipment efficiency.

The MPW system has a vacuum monitor to check whether the membrane is correctly punched and positioned. The machine control also features gentle conveyor transport with a splice check that reduces other sources of error and potential production downtime. A special position measuring system for high cycle rates is wear-free. The unit can be flexibly integrated into automation lines or supplied as a manual work station.

Herrmann partnered with Oxyphen, a Swiss-based company, on the unitÂ’s development.

For more information, call 630.626.1626 or visit www.herrmannultrasonics.com.