Kammann Introduces Robotic Pick and Place Unit

Kammann Introduces Robotic Pick and Place Unit

Plastics Decorating

The robotic K24A pick and place unit from Kammann USA, Portsmouth, NH, enables container decorators to reduce labor and tooling costs while minimizing damage to scratch-sensitive surfaces.

The four-axis delta robot can unpack trays upstream in front of the printer, as well as downstream to pack the decorated product back into empty trays.

Delta robot handling systems typically are used in the food packaging industry to place sensitive products like vegetables, fruits or chocolates into boxes, but require a long set-up of the cameras used to identify the lateral and angular position of the product that the robot has to handle. Kammann illuminates the article with IR light sources, eliminating lighting optimization issues that previously required long set-up times.

For more information, call 978.463.0050 or visit www.kammann.com.