MIMAKI USA Announces SMART RasterLink6 Training Schedule

MIMAKI USA Announces SMART RasterLink6 Training Schedule

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Mimaki USA, a Suwanee, GA, manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and cutters, has announced its SMART (School of Mimaki Application and Resource Training) course schedule for RasterLink6 RIP software, which is the company’s standard RIP that is bundled with all Mimaki equipment.

This program is designed to help users obtain maximum benefit of the features in RasterLink6 RIP software to drive a variety of Mimaki printers. The two-day SMART course will cover understanding the basic functions and structure of RasterLink6 software; managing Adobe workflow files and integrating them into RasterLink6 software; presenting basic principles and structures of layouts, templates and color management with RasterLink6 software; reviewing proper communication between printers and cutters for utilizing these functions together; performing print-and-cut routines with job workflow on available Mimaki equipment; and reviewing RasterLink6 software guidelines and capabilities to ensure operational satisfaction.

Courses will take place on March 31-April 1, April 10-11, May 8-9, May 12-13, June 16-17 and June 25-26 at regional technology centers in Texas, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, Georgia and California, respectively, and are open to end-users of RasterLink6 software and authorized dealers.

For more information, including registration and pricing, visit www.MimakiSMART.com.