Miyachi America Develops Enhanced Laser Marker Software

Miyachi America Develops Enhanced Laser Marker Software

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Miyachi America Corporation, Monrovia, CA, has upgraded its LMF series’ laser marker software and control card, resulting in improved graphic file editing (GFE) and enhanced functionality for production line operation.

The updated software and control card allows for the control of up to 4 axes of motion without the need for a dedicated PC, saving space and simplifying integration into production lines. In addition, the new card features an improved ability to mark QR codes and TrueType fonts. The improved GFE enables users to size, shape and edit graphic files such as .dxf and .dwg within the marking software’s graphical user interface giving users the freedom to adjust node locations, close paths and more directly modify graphic files without adding third-party software.

These features have been standard in all new Miyachi America LMF series markers since September. Existing markers may be upgraded by Miyachi America service personnel in the field.

For more information, visit www.miyachiamerica.com.