PPMOVT Develops Automated Robot Printer

PPMOVT Develops Automated Robot Printer

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A custom-built, fully automated robot printer from Pad Print Machinery of Vermont, East Dorset, VT, was custom designed to increase production while minimizing operator interaction.

It features a six axis robot with an end-of-arm tool to hold the print pad; automatic tape cleaner; two sets of independent clichés to allow set-up of the next part run without stopping the current print process; clichés that can hold multiple artworks; a touchscreen HMI controller display; camera vision system to detect orientation of the part; up to six-color printing; automatic pad changer with the use of up to six different pads; and input and output conveyors.

For more information, call 802.362.0844 or visit www.padprintmachinery.com.