Innovative Marking Systems Offers New Ink

SUBMITTED – Print-On silicone ink base from Innovative Marking Systems, Lowell, Massachusetts, resists abrasion and moves with the product while maintaining image quality.

A new ink for silicone applications from Innovative Marking Systems, Lowell, Massachusetts, is easy to handle and leaves a clean pad after transfer.

Print-On silicone ink base has many benefits, including high resistance to abrasion; flexibility – it will move with the product and retain the image; high-gloss finish; and curing time of 6-8 minutes at 200-250°F. Print-On has nine available colors, plus metallics. Silicone ink can print on any item made of silicone, such as wristbands, molds, smartphone keypads, iPad/iPhone cases, oven mitts, swimming caps, remote controls and medical devices (catheters, leaps, trachiotomy tools and more).

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