Branson Unveils Vibration Welder

Branson Unveils Vibration Welder

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The GVX-3 Vibration Welder features long-term production versatility offering a large-part capacity on a smaller footprint.

The GVX-3 vibration welder from Branson Ultrasonics, Danbury, Connecticut, offers a user-configurable design that complements a set of standard features with a host of application-specific upgrades like Branson’s dual-axis Clean Vibration Technology (CVT) and others that involve tooling, clamp force and calibration and speeds.

It is built on a compact footprint and offers easy rear-door access for tool changes, with a wide front door for part loading and unloading. For applications that require clean, particulate-free welds, the welder can be fitted with a modular CVT package that utilizes infrared power emitters to preheat part joints for faster, more consistent vibration weld strength and consistency, even for parts with complex 3-D geometries. An advanced user interface enables the GVX-3 to accommodate up to 99 different users with configurable access rights. Operators easily can access production related functions and equipment safeties but are prevented from modifying production-critical programming.

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