IMDA Names Award Winners

IMDA Names Award Winners

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The In-Mold Decorating Association, Skokie, Illinois, recently announced the winners of its 10th Anniversary Awards Competition. The 2016 IMDA Awards honor the industry’s best in-mold labeled packaging and in-mold decorated durable products. The winning entries were chosen based on creativity in design, engineering and innovation.

The winners include:

  • Best Injection Molded (IML) Package, Gold Award – Polipa North America for Easy Open & Hold IML Container
  • Best Injection Molded Durable (IMD) Part, Gold Award – Eimo Technology for Laundry User Interface
  • Best Label Design, Gold Award – Dynaplast, PT for Sparkle Canister
  • Best Blow Molded Package, Gold Award – Verstraete In-Mold Labels for Laban Baladi Yogurt
  • Best Part Design, Gold Award – Inland for Scented Baby Wipes Package
  • Best Product Family, Gold Award – Verstraete In-Mold Labels for Unilever Margarine
  • Best Product Family, Silver Award – Berry Plastics for SelecTE
  • Best Prototype Part, Gold Award – Jabil for IME Washing Machine Control Panel

The winners were recognized at the 2016 IMDA Symposium/SPE TopCon on June 6 at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs in Franklin, Tennessee.

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