LORD Launches IMB Adhesive Solutions

LORD Launches IMB Adhesive Solutions

Plastics Decorating

LORD Corporation, Cary, North Carolina, launched two in-mold bonding (IMB) systems for bonding platinum-cured silicones to multiple substrates, including plastics, without the need for special surface preparation.

LORD IMB 3000 and IMB 3010 adhesive solutions effectively bond platinum-cured liquid silicone rubber (LSR) to various substrates directly in an injection- or compression-molding process. Applying LORD IMB Adhesives to a rigid substrate provides a structural bond when over-molded with thermoplastic or liquid silicone rubber.

This technology enables assemblies between plastics, silicones, and metals to be made during the molding process. Applications for IMB Adhesives include consumer electronics, automotive components and medical devices. Compatible substrates for IMB adhesives include aluminum, anodized aluminum, glass, steel/stainless steel, polycarbonate, select polyamides and select thermoplastic elastomers.

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