SPE Announces ANTEC 2016 a Success

SPE Announces ANTEC 2016 a Success

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From left, Russell Broome, SPE managing director; Zarif Farhana Mohd Aris, from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell; and Stephen McCarthy, distinguished university professor at UMass-Lowell and chair of the Student Activities Committee at ANTEC. Zarif Farhana Mohd Aris won the Graduate Student Best Poster Award at SPE ANTEC® 2016.

The Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE), Bethel, Connecticut, announced that nearly 1,400 industry professionals attended its ANTEC® 2016 conference in Indianapolis. Among these attendees was a contingent of young professionals and students.

Industry experts made a total of 550 original, peer-reviewed technical presentations during ANTEC 2016, covering every sector of the plastics industry. SPE included special activities for young professionals and students, such as Pilot Our Future, a program to help participants determine the best career directions; Plastics University, an interactive “museum” in which companies exhibited technologies that drive innovation; a speed interview session; a student luncheon and other events.

Concurrent with the ANTEC technical sessions were exhibits by more than 75 industry companies. Additionally, the annual presentation of awards for outstanding contributions to the plastics industry took place at the Industry Awards Gala on May 22. This year, there were four honorees: Dr. Samuel Kenig (The SPE International Award); Frank Macher (Business Management Award); Dr. Tim Osswald (The Fred E. Schwab Education Award); and Dr. Gregory Campbell (The Research/Engineering Technology Award).

For more information, visit www.4spe.org.