3DT Debuts Corona Treatment System

3DT Debuts Corona Treatment System

Plastics Decorating


PolyDyne Pro from 3DT, Germantown, Wisconsin, is a new, versatile, high-performance corona treatment system that improves the surface tension on numerous materials resistant to printing, adhesive and coating processes.

PolyDyne Pro is engineered with multiple feedback devices for precise performance monitoring. The PolyDyne Pro generator and transformer can be adapted to many types of applications, including 3D parts, plastic sheets, foam, corrugated material and more. Engineers have designed this system cognizant of the push for better feedback from machinery, while incorporating the newest in electronics. As a result, PolyDyne Pro provides customers with a sophisticated, intelligent machine designed for precise monitoring, feedback and performance resulting in powerful, reliable, consistent surface treatment.

For more information, visit www.3DTLLC.com.