Kurz Process Creates High-Gloss Metallic Finishes

Kurz Process Creates High-Gloss Metallic Finishes

Plastics Decorating


A new decoration method for plastic sealing caps from Leonhard Kurz, Fürth, Germany, enables true metal layers to be applied without electroplating. The patent-pending Kurz CAP-tivate Luxury process creates a high-gloss metallic finish, similar to electroplating, and fulfills stringent chemical resistance requirements of, for example, the cosmetics industry.

The Kurz CAP-tivate Luxury is a dry transfer process that can be performed in-house during and immediately after the injection molding process, thereby eliminating the need for outsourcing. It is not subject to special environmental requirements, even when producing true chrome coatings. The yield achieved with this decoration method is significantly higher than for electroplating, which makes it substantially more cost-effective, in particular for large production runs.

It can produce a wide variety of design finishes. It is possible to combine metallic tones and non-metallized colors in an arbitrary manner, or to integrate corporate design colors. Wood, carbon, marble and pearl designs or holographic designs, for example, also can be produced. Different gloss levels can be implemented as well, from a mirror-finish piano lacquer look, to a soft matte finish, right through to a striking brushed metal look. Besides being able to produce a wide range of visual finishes, it also is possible to appeal to the tactile senses. Kurz CAP-tivate Luxury can be used to generate surfaces with a soft touch effect or tactile structures.

For more information, visit www.kurz.de.