Inkcups Expands Pad Printing Offerings

Inkcups, Danvers, Massachusetts, has announced the launch of three pad printers to expand its pad printing offerings into different markets. The ICN-120, ICN-200 and 2200-DLI were developed to enable pad printers to print bigger, longer and farther.

The ICN-120 is a 1-color, 120 mm cup pad printer. Along with the ability to print images up to 110 mm in diameter, this pad printer features an extended stroke that enables this industrial machine to reach 226 mm to the print location.

The ICN-200 is a 1-color, 200 mm cup pad printer. This machine has a maximum image size of 190 mm and a maximum part height of 299 mm making it ideal for printing on large, industrial products.

The 2200-DLI utilizes two 90 mm ink cups to print two images 70×220 mm. This machine prints 1-color 2-up, which is an optimal configuration for insoles, sporting goods and other long products.

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