Polyplastics Introduces Innovative Bonding Technology

Polyplastics Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, has introduced an innovative bonding technology, AKI-Lock, that is unlike traditional joining methods such as plastics welding or adhesion.

The AKI-Lock technology uses the glass fibers in glass fiber-reinforced resins as a physical anchor for bonding. Glass fiber is made bare by laser irradiation, which is completed in a grid pattern. Strong bonds then can be achieved by pouring the resin to be bonded onto these anchors.

Since the bond is formed by physical anchors, there is no time limitation from laser treatment until bonding. Additionally, there is no need for etching solution to roughen the surface and no waste liquids or materials are produced.

AKI-Lock helps to reduce assembly work and the number of components and the joining system helps to reduce environmental impact through the use of dry processes, including the elimination of adhesives.

To learn more, visit www.polyplastics-global.com.