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Allied PhotoChemical

Allied PhotoChemical is a leading formulator and producer of UV, Solvent and Water-based coating technologies. Allied focuses on the capabilities of high quality product development, application and customization to exceed their customers’ needs and expectations. Allied’s products help customers achieve true ROI – Return on their Investment. Allied’s Customer FIRST initiatives put the Customer FIRST!

Cold Jet®

Cold Jet® has two distinct lines of business centered around the use of dry ice. We provide environmental cleaning, surface preparation and parts finishing systems to global manufacturing industries. These systems utilize particles of dry ice as a blasting medium. Secondly, we produce systems for the production, metering and packaging of dry ice. These systems enable the consistent production of a controlled range of dry ice products for food transportation, cold chain management and dry ice cleaning. Customers are using our technology-based solutions to replace outdated processes that are inefficient and harmful to health and safety. Cold Jet is headquartered in Loveland, Ohio, with international operations in Europe, Asia, Canada and Mexico. For more information, visit or call 1-800-337-9423 or +1-513-831-3211 (International).

EIT Instrument Markets

EIT provides UV measurement solutions for UV LED and UV Broadband (arc, microwave, spot) sources. We have a variety of radiometers (Standard & Profilers) as well as Online Sensors. EIT's LEDCure family of radiometers have a patented "Total Measured Optic Response" which include all optics in the instrument stack for improved performance.

Enercon Industries Corporation

Enercon’s new plasma and flame surface treating technologies solve surface adhesion challenges for manufacturers. These technologies clean, etch and functionalize plastics, composites, glass and metal surfaces to enable strong bonds with adhesives, inks, paints and coatings. Plasma and flame treaters integrate in-line with other processes and are extensively used for numerous applications and industries. Enercon offers free laboratory testing where Blown-arc™ plasma, Blown-ion™ plasma and flame plasma technologies can be compared and evaluated. Enercon’s surface treating application experts will help you determine which technology is best for your application.

Gigahertz-Optik Inc

Manufacturer and ISO/IEC/EN 17025 accredited optical radiation calibration laboratory for UV and Blue Light measurement instrumentation. GO’s product range includes a full line of filter radiometers and BTS spectroradiometers employing its unique BiTec Sensor technology for LED based and standard (steady state and pulsed) lamps.

Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

UV technologies offered globally by Heraeus Noblelight: UV-LED, microwave (Fusion), medium pressure arc lamps, low pressure amalgam lamps, and engineered solutions.

KRÜSS Scientific Instruments, Inc.

As the world's leading supplier of measuring instruments in the field of surface and interfacial chemistry, KRÜSS not only provides high quality product solutions but also offers a combination of technology and scientific advice. We have convinced many well-known companies and institutes with our know-how, precision and passion. With our tensiometers, instruments for contact angle measurement as well as foam analysis instruments, we provide support to the research and development laboratories and quality control centers of countless industries.

Phoseon Technology

Since 2002, Phoseon pioneered UV LED curing technology for industrial curing applications worldwide. Phoseon’s patented technology provides maximum UV energy, superior performance, and long-term reliability. UV LED improves workplace safety through the elimination of harmful substances such as ozone and mercury. These light sources perform faster, safer, cleaner, and provide a longer-lasting solution for customers.

Plasmatreat USA

Plasmatreat designs and manufactures the world's leading plasma surface treatment, enabling automotive suppliers to decorate, coat and bond difficult-to-adhere-to substrates including new alloys, plastics and composites. With over 6,000 installations and 20,000 plasma jets in service, Plasmatreat's low-pressure and atmospheric plasma systems are used by all the leading OEM and Tier 1 automotive suppliers. Plasma is enabling the bonding of dissimilar materials and preventing corrosion using the new PlasmaPlus coating technology that deposits nano-layer hydrophobic and hydrophilic coatings.


PMT (USA) LLC is a full-service system integrator and instrument distributor with a focus on solutions that help manufacturers detect, identify, and control contamination in their manufacturing environments. Manual and automated systems for monitoring surface particulate contamination and large particle fall-out detection are highlighted for this conference.

Thierica Equipment Corporation

With experience like no other, Thierica Equipment is a leader in the customized paint automation industry. Thierica has over 70 years of experience designing and building custom automated coating systems. Each custom system is fully assembled on our plant floor and debugged before shipping to reduce interruption to production. If you are looking to increase cycle time, reduce waste, and improve productivity, see what Thierica can do for you. With experienced design engineers and innovative 3D technology, Thierica can bring your facility up to date quickly and accurately. As a Fanuc robot integrator, Thierica is always ahead of the competition.