Supplier Trade Fair

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Enercon Industries

Enercon’s new plasma and flame surface treating technologies solve surface adhesion challenges for manufacturers. These technologies clean, etch and functionalize plastics, composites, glass and metal surfaces to enable strong bonds with adhesives, inks, paints and coatings. Plasma and flame treaters integrate in-line with other processes and are extensively used for numerous applications and industries. Enercon offers free laboratory testing where Blown-arc™ plasma, Blown-ion™ plasma and flame plasma technologies can be compared and evaluated. Enercon’s surface treating application experts will help you determine which technology is best for your application.

Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

UV technologies offered globally by Heraeus Noblelight: UV-LED, microwave (Fusion), medium pressure arc lamps, low pressure amalgam lamps, and engineered solutions.


PMT (USA) LLC is a full-service system integrator and instrument distributor with a focus on solutions that help manufacturers detect, identify, and control contamination in their manufacturing environments. Manual and automated systems for monitoring surface particulate contamination and large particle fall-out detection are highlighted for this conference.