Clariant Accelerates Move to Waterborne Coatings

Clariant Accelerates Move to Waterborne Coatings

Plastics Decorating

Hostavin® light stabilizer solutions from Clariant, Charolette, NC, make waterborne coatings a high-performance, environmentally-oriented option for exterior protective applications, which were previously an exclusive area of solvent-borne systems.

Clariant’s synergistic solutions optimize light stabilization for clear and pigmented waterborne coatings. Hostavin 3330 disp. XP is the first high-loaded waterborne dispersion of a triazine class UV absorber, the latest generation of UV absorbers. It offers high thermal stability and superior durability for effective prolonged service life, displaying high extinction in the protection of thin layers. It does not contain any VOC compounds, and its excellent compatibility with binders makes it easy to incorporate and handle for paint producers.

The addition of Hostavin 3070 disp. XP in the formulation enhances these performance benefits further, thanks to its higher thermal stability combined with an excellent migration resistance. Furthermore, its improved toxicological profile makes it free of any hazard labeling.

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