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April/May 2019

The Future of Cosmetics Packaging Shines with Foil
by Brittany Willes, editor, Plastics Decorating

Simulating PANTONE Colors on Colored Substrates
by Bruce Ridge, director of technical service, Nazdar Ink Technologies

Inkjet Printing and Adhesion of Low Surface Energy Polymers
by Scott R. Sabreen, president, The Sabreen Group Inc.

Q&A: UV LED Curing for Plastics Decorating
by Jennifer Heathcote, technical and commercial consulting adviser, UV curing, Eminence UV

Methods of Polymer Weld Quality Evaluation
by Miranda Marcus, applications engineer, EWI

In-Mold Label Coatings: A Small Part of the Label with Great Effect
by Andre Soterio, segment manager-labels Europe, ACTEGA Terra GmbH

Tech Watch: Proell’s Inks and Functional Lacquers
Edited by Lara Copeland, contributing editor, Plastics Decorating

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Plastics Decorating

January/February 2019

Breakthrough Anti-Counterfeit Technology for Plastics Products
by Scott Sabreen, president, The Sabreen Group

Q&A: Pad Printing vs. Digital Inkjet for Direct-to-Plastic Printing
by Julian Joffe, president/commercial services, Engineered Printing Solutions

The Price of Printing – In-House vs. Custom Decoration for Plastic Parts
by Brittany Willes, editor, Plastics Decorating

Correlating Ultrasonic Weld Quality with Melt Layer Thickness
by Alex Savitski, Ph.D.; Leo Klinstein, Kenneth Holt, Hardik Pathak, David Cermak, Dukane IAS, LLC

The Evolution of Pad Printing
by John Kaverman, president, Pad Print Pros LLC

Using a B.O.L.D. Approach to Succeed in an Unpredictable Business World
by Jill Johnson, president, Johnson Consulting Services

Anticipating the Future of Industrial Inkjet with InPrint USA
Excerpt from InPrint USA white paper: “Industrial Inkjet: Crossing the Chasm?”

Tech Watch: SIMPLESTAKE’s Impulse Staking Technology
Edited by Lara Copeland, contributing editor, Plastics Decorating

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October/November 2018

Integrating In-Mold Decorating into Injection Molding Workflow
by John Berg, director of marketing, Sussex IM

Overview of Methods for Laser Welding Optically Clear Plastics
by Scott R. Sabreen, president, The Sabreen Group, and Avraham Benatar, professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University

When to Consider In-Mold Decorating – and When to Avoid It
by Eric Larson, owner, Art of Mass Production

Ask the Expert: Developments in Surface Treatment Solutions
by Wilson Lee, director of business development, Enercon Industries

Five Warning Signs an Accident is Near – and How to Prevent One
by Brittany Willes, editor, Plastics Decorating

Fan Filters Reduce Dust at Toyota Material Handling
by Lara Copeland, contributing editor, Plastics Decorating

Achieving Innovative Appearances with In-Mold Decorating
by Nick Strauss, director of corporate development, Inno-Flex

2018 IMDA Award Winners
Plastics Decorating

Decorate with Power: Creating Value with Digital Watermarks
by Bob Travis, president, InkWorks Printing LLC

Tech Watch: A.W.T. World Trade’s AM-180
by Lara Copeland, contributing editor, Plastics Decorating

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July/August 2018

Raising a Plastic Glass to Customization: GORIGHT Takes Drinkware to New Levels
by Brittany Willes, editor, Plastics Decorating

High-Tech Inkjet Printing Applications
by Marcus Timson, In-Print USA

SGIA Comes to Las Vegas
Plastics Decorating

Performance of Hybrid Adhesives vs. Traditional Structural Adhesives
by Timothy Holmes, senior application engineer, and Andrew Paluch, applications engineer, Henkel Corporation

Labeling and Product Decoration: Change is the Only Constant
Article provided courtesy of AWA Alexander Watson Associates

Color Inkjet Printing and Laser Marking for Plastics
by Scott Sabreen, president, The Sabreen Group, Inc.

Ask the Expert: Innovations on the Horizon for Decorative Coatings
by Karen Kukla, account manager, AkzoNobel

Tech Watch: 3DT’s PlasmaDyne Pro
by Lara Copeland, contributing editor, Plastics Decorating

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April/May 2018

IMD/IML: Common Performance Considerations and Test Methods
by Dave Schoofs, product development, Central Decal Company

Plastics Part Decoration Evolves to Meet Marketplace Challenges
by Chris DeMell, North American medical marketing manager, ITW Industrial Decorating Solutions

Staking by Ultrasound – Strong Joints in Short Cycle Times
by Thomas Fischer, head of application development, Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG; Eric Brückner, Institute of Conveyor Technology and Plastics (IFK); Dr. Michael Gehde, head chair for plastics, IFK

The Importance of Machine Approval
by John Kaverman, president, Pad Print Pros

A Look at the Powder Coatings Market
by Kerry Pianoforte, editor, Coatings World

Plasma Surface Pretreatments of Polymers for Improved Adhesion Bonding
by Scott Sabreen, president, The Sabreen Group, Inc.

Be a Customer Service Contender
by Katie Zabriskie, president, Business Training Works, Inc.

Tech Watch: KURZ’s IMD/IMR Technology
Edited by Lara Copeland, contributing editor, Plastics Decorating

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Plastics Decorating

January/February 2018

2018 Trends in Automotive Plastics
edited by Katy Ibsen, with contributions from Mary Ellen Rosenberger, founder/managing partner of BaySpring Solutions, L.L.C., and Paul Uglum, technical fellow, Aptiv

NPE2018 Returns to Orlando in May
by Plastics Decorating

Utilizing Dynamic Hold Capability of Servo-Driven Ultrasonic Welders
by Alex Savitski, Ph.D.; Hardik Pathak; Leo Klinstein; Kenneth Holt; and David Cermak; Dukane IAS, LLC

Automation with Robots for Pad Printing Operations
by Micah Swett, sales manager, Diversified Printing Techniques

A Look at Two Different Print Technologies: Dye-Sublimation and UV
by Lily Hunter, product manager, textiles and consumables, Roland DGA Corporation

Carbon Black Selection for Successful Through Transmission Laser Welding and Joining
by Scott Sabreen, The Sabreen Group, Inc., and Avraham Benatar, Plastics and Composites Joining Laboratory, Welding Engineering Program, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University

Painting Plastics
by Don Stankus, operations manager, Plasti-Paint, Inc. – DeWitt, Iowa

Labels: A Market Overview
by AWA Alexander Watson Associates

10 Tips to LIFT Your Leadership
by Elizabeth McCormick former US Army Black Hawk pilot

Tech Watch: TOSH’s Logica 05.5 Pad Printer
by Lara Copeland, contributing editor, Plastics Decorating

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Plastics Decorating

October/November 2017

Bling Appeal: ZoMazz Ups Its Game with Embedded Crystals
by Brittany Willes, contributing writer, Plastics Decorating

3D-Printed Plastic Parts: To Weld or Not to Weld?
by Trevor Larcheveque, Branson Ultrasonics Corp.

2017 IMDA Award Winners
by Plastics Decorating

The Card Market: An Introduction to Process and Materials
by Carrie A. Napper, innovation engineer, Klöckner Pentaplast

Fiber Lasers: Selection and Additives
by Scott Sabreen, president, The Sabreen Group Inc.

In-Mold Labeling and the Role of Static Generation
by Stewart Gordon-Smith, business development manager, Meech International

Be a Force Multiplier: Accomplishing More with Existing Resources
by Elizabeth McCormick, former US Army Black Hawk pilot, author and speaker

Tech Watch: Dukane’s iQ i220 Integrated Servo Welder
by Lara Copeland, contributing editor, Plastics Decorating

Best Practices for Painting Plastics
by Patrick Smith and Nick Strauss, Graco Inc.

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Plastics Decorating

July/August 2017

Five Aesthetic Design Trends Defined
by Bill Dorr, director of industrial design, Design Concepts

Screen Printed IML vs. Direct Digital Printing
by Mike Ruminski, senior design IML technician, Serigraph

SGIA Returns to New Orleans
Plastics Decorating

Instant Bonding of Plastics Using Adhesive Technologies
by Diva Evans, applications engineer, Henkel Corporation

Topical Conference and Symposium Combine Forces Again
Plastics Decorating

Consumers are Thirsty for More: Trends in Plastic Drinkware Decorating
by John Hilgendorf, contributing writer, Plastics Decorating

Surface Pretreatments and Custom Inks Advance Inkjet Printing of Plastics and Films
by Scott Sabreen, president, The Sabreen Group Inc.

Tech Watch: Engineered Printing Solutions’ Roto-Jet Industrial Inkjet Printer
by Lara Copeland, contributing editor, Plastics Decorating

Pad Printing on Textured Surfaces: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
by John Kaverman, president, Pad Print Pros LLC

Rethinking Equipment Maintenance: Transitioning to a Proactive Approach
by Larry Bouvier, CMRP, and Rob Levandoski, president, Fuss & O’Neill Manufacturing Solutions, LLC

April/May 2017

The Future of Plastics Education
by John Kaverman, president, Pad Print Pros, and Nancy Cates, contributing writer, Plastics Decorating

Ultrasonic Plastics Welding: The Influence of Base Materials
by Ken Holt, senior applications engineer, Dukane, IAS

Guide Enhances Safety for Nonscientist Users of UV-Curable 3D Printing
by Nancy Cates, contributing writer, Plastics Decorating

Diving into Inks: Digital, Analog and UV-Curable
by Dianna Brodine, managing editor, Plastics Decorating

Five Traits of Great Business Leaders
by Dave Martin, Dave Martin International

Dual-Purpose ‘Laser Additives’ Drive Marking and Welding of Polymers
by Scott R. Sabreen, president, The Sabreen Group

UV-Curable Single-Pass Inkjet Printing of Plastic Parts
by Paul Beliveau and Henry Mossell, FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc.

Tech Watch: CDigital’s Digital Heat Transfers
by Plastics Decorating

Association News

January/February 2017

Innovations in Plastics Products Security: Anticounterfeiting Technologies
by Scott Sabreen, president, The Sabreen Group

The Global Market for Small-Format Digital Printing of 3D Novelty Products
Excerpt from InPrint USA white paper: Market Opportunities for Industrial Digital Print in North America

A Learning Approach to Equipment Setup
by Perry Parendo, president, Perry’s Solutions

Key Considerations: Adhesives or Ultrasonic Welding for Plastic Component Assembly?
by Steven A. Williams, manager, Global Product Managment-Ultrasonics, Emerson • Branson

Modern Pad Printing Technology
by John Kaverman, president, Pad Print Pros LLC

Enhancing Environmental Compliance with Water-Based Coatings
by Hugh Barrett, technical consultant, APV Engineered Coatings

Q&A: Developments in Plastics Decoration
by Paul Uglum, technology advocate, fabrication engineering, Delphi

KBA-Kammann’s K20 Series Decorating Machines
Edited by Lara Copeland, contributing editor, Plastics Decorating

Association News
by Plastics Decorating

October/November 2016

Soft-Touch Paint Gaining Market Share
by Patrick Smith and Nick Strauss, Graco, Inc.

Vendor Collaboration Provides IML Solution for Commercial Plastics
by Nancy Cates, Plastics Decorating

IMDA Award Winners Announced
by Plastics Decorating

Tech Watch: Mimaki USA’s UJF-6042 MkII
by Lara Copeland, Plastics Decorating

Q&A: Electromagnetic Welding of Plastics
by Steven M. Chookazian, Emabond Solutions, LLC

Regulatory Impact on the Plastics Industry
by Robert F. Helminiak, SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association

Adding a Cleanroom for Decorating and Assembly
by Ron Kosmalski, Clean Air Technology, Inc.

Association News

July/August 2016

Exploring the Benefits of UV-Curable Screen Ink Systems for High-Tech Printing
by Curt Baskin, Sun Chemical

SGIA to Showcase Decorating Suppliers
Plastics Decorating

Minimizing Contamination in a Production Environment
by John Kaverman, Pad Print Pros, LLC

Association News

Q&A: Hot Stamp/Heat Transfer Tooling and Application
by Bill Morey, Schwerdtle, Inc.

Five Factors Influencing a Successful Ultrasonic Weld
by Brian Gourley, Sonics & Materials, Inc.

The Principles of Ultrasonic Welding
by Steven A. Williams, Branson Ultrasonics, a business of Emerson

Advancements in Inkjet UV LED Curing Technology
by Scott R. Sabreen, The Sabreen Group, and Dene Taylor, SPF-Inc.

Tech Watch: Diversified Printing’s G-Turbo 350
by Brittany Willes, Plastics Decorating

OSHA’s New Scrutiny on Plastics Companies
by Robert Levandoski, Fuss & O’Neill Manufacturing Solutions

April/May 2016

Treating the Surface: Options for All Surface Types
by Brittany Willes

Fiber Laser Marking for Product Security, Identification and Anti-Counterfeiting
by Scott Sabreen, The Sabreen Group

SPE Decorating & Assembly Topical Conference

Inkjet Surface Decoration – Market Overview and Challenges 
by Debbie Thorp, Global Inkjet Systems Ltd.

Freedom to Design with Adhesives and Binding Tapes
by Shari Loushin, 3M Company

Q&A: Digital Heat Transfers
by Eric Steinwachs, CDigital

Quality Control Technologies
by John Kaverman, Pad Print Pros LLC

Tax Savings for Innovation: The R&D Tax Credit
by Michael J. Devereux, Mueller Prost

Tech Watch: Inkcups Now’s Helix Rotary Inkjet Printer
by Brittany Willes

Association News

January/February 2016

Automotive Trend toward Customization Adds Complexity
by Dianna Brodine

Methods and Materials for Difficult Pad Printing Applications
by John Kaverman, Pad Print Pros LLC

When Vibration Welding is the Best Choice
by Jeffrey Frantz, Branson

Use a Process-Neutral Approach when Selecting an Assembly Method
by Jeffrey Frantz, Branson

A New Look at an Old Technology: Water Transfer Printing
by Victor Rojas, TWN Industries, Inc.

Tech Watch: United Silicone’s Evolution HT
by Brittany Willes

Q&A: Plasma Treating
by Andy Stecher, Plasmatreat

Build a Culture of Volunteered Accountability
by Randy Pennington, The Pennington Group

Association News

October/November 2015

Market Trends for IMD and IML
by Dianna Brodine

Using Decorative Film Laminates with In-Mold Decoration to Increase Design Flexibility
by Len Poole, Soliant, a division of AkzoNobel

Performance of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tapes Under Different Strain Rates
by N. Pemberton-Pigott, G. Burger and D.A. Wasylyshyn, BlackBerry Ltd.

IMDA Award Winners Announced
by Plastics Decorating

Increasing Pad Printing Productivity and Efficiency
by John Kaverman, Pad Print Pros, LLC

Overreaching on a Non-Compete Can Be Costly
by David Carr, Ice Miller LLP

Laser Texturing Adds Another Level of In-Mold Decoration Possibilities
by Chad Hase, GF Machining Solutions

Tech Watch: CBW Automation
by Brittany Willes

Association News

July/August 2015

Improving the Adhesion of UV-Curable Coatings
by Andrew Stecher and Paul Mills, Plasmatreat US

Industrial Inkjet Printing onto Wearables
by Scott R. Sabreen, The Sabreen Group, and Dene Taylor, Ph.D., SPF-Inc.

SGIA Expo Showcases Innovation in Atlanta
by Plastics Decorating

Reimagining Traditional Technologies for Container Decorating
by Dianna Brodine

Meeting Demand in the Ad Specialties Market
by Jen Clark

Five Barriers to Implementing Strategic Direction
by David Waits, Waits Consulting Group, Inc.

Q&A: Laser Welding of Plastics 
by John Paul “J.P.” Kurpiewski, Branson Ultrasonics Corporation

Compatible Inks for Plastic Substrates

Tech Watch: OMSO ServoBottle 8
by Brittany Willes

April/May 2015

Beauty is in the Eye of the Consumer
by Dianna Brodine

The Value of QFD in New Product Development
by Perry Parendo, Perry’s Solutions, Inc.

UV Technology for In-Mold Labeling
by Ron Schultz, In-Mold Decorating Association

Polyethylene Fuzed Graphics Enter the Market
by Marty Mares, Polyfuze Graphics Corp.

FDA-Approved Additives Boost Inline Plastics Laser Marking
by Scott R. Sabreen, The Sabreen Group

Material Considerations in Ultrasonic Welding
by Tom Kirkland,

Fall Protection, Hazard Communication Top OSHA’s Citation List
by Jen Clark

Understanding Reactive Gas Technology
by Prakash Iyer, Inhance Technologies

Tech Watch: Branson Ultrasonics
by Brittany Willes

Association News

January/February 2015

CI Medical Cuts Into the Health Care Industry

Balancing Automation with the “Right” Assembly Technology

NPE2015 Brings Technology and Education to Orlando

Preparing for Machine Installation

Q&A: Pad Printing Ink Options Expand

Best Practices for Bonding Semi-Crystalline Thermoplastics

Technology Innovation in Plastics Decorating

Tech Watch: Innovative Digital Systems’ Mach1 Digital System

IMDA Survey Offers Insight into IMD/IML Trends

Association News

October/November 2014

Expanding the Market for In-Mold Decorating
by Dianna Brodine

IMDA Award Winners Announced
by Plastics Decorating

Basic Test Methods for In-Mold Labels
by AWA Alexander Watson Associates

Physical Vapor Deposition and UV-Curable Coatings
by Jason T. Eich, Eileen Weber, Phil Abell, Kristy wagner and Chris Mack, Red Spot Paint and Varnish Company

Advancements in the Plastics Joining Industry
by Jeffrey Frantz, Branson Ultrasonics Corporation

UV Inkjet vs. Traditional Analog Decoration
by Tim Scully, Engineered Printing Solutions

Using the P.L.U.S.H. Sales Process Methodology
by Chuck Reaves

July/August 2014

Diamond Screen Process Sees More Growth in its Future
by Amy Bauer

SGIA Show Preview
by Plastics Decorating

Why Invest in Digital Decoration?
by Chris DeMell, ITW Security and Brand Identity

Ultrasonic Welding with Automation and Robotics
by Udo Skarke, Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc.

Corona Discharge Surface Treatment
by Bruce Stobbe, Corotec Corporation

Position Your Environment for Safety
by Garrison Wynn, CSP

Structural Bonding Alternatives for Plastics
by Rachel B. Nashett, Henkel Corporation

Association News
by Plastics Decorating

April/May 2014

CVG FinishTEK Builds on Hydrographics Excellence
by Amy Bauer

Advantages of Infrared Welding in Thermoplastics Manufacturing
by Dave Clothier, FRIMO, Inc.

Q&A: IML-I vs. IML-T
by Roman Artz, Inland Label

Registration Now Open for TopCon 2014
by Plastics Decorating

Hot Stamping for Three-Dimensional Parts
by Allan Quimby, KURZ Transfer Products, L.P.

Gas-Phase Surface Pretreatments for Plastics Adhesion
by Scott Sabreen, The Sabreen Group, Inc.

Cleanroom Considerations
by Ron Kosmalski, Clean Air Technology, Inc.

January/February 2014

Optimizing the Parameters for Microwave UV Curing
by Madeline Kraizel and Hallie Smith-Petee, Nordson Corporation

Erler Industries Powers Forward with Automotive Decorating
by Amy Bauer

Breakthrough Additives Enhance Plastics Laser Marking
by Scott R. Sabreen, The Sabreen Group, Inc.

What are the Differences in Drying and Curing Pad Printing Inks?
by John Kaverman, Pad Print Pros LLC

After Gridlock, Plastics Industry Looks to Federal Policy Modernization
by William Carteaux, SPI

Advantages of a Servo-Driven Ultrasonic Welder
by Plastics Decorating

Association News

October/November 2013

IML an Award-Winning Growth Strategy for Magenta LLC
by Amy Bauer

The Elements of Green Pad Printing
by David Ho, Kent Engineering Co., Ltd.

2013 IMDA Awards Competition
by Plastics Decorating

Keeping Contamination Problems at Bay
by Ed Crutchley,

In-Mold Label Market Study Assesses Industry
by Plastics Decorating

Methods for Adhesion Bonding of Polyphenylene Sulfide
by Scott Sabreen, The Sabreen Group

Optimizing Ultrasonic Welding Results 
by Jeffrey Frantz, Branson Ultrasonics Corp.

July/August 2013

Creative Services Set Berry Plastics Apart
by Dianna Brodine

2013 SGIA Expo Seeks the Sun in Orlando

Progress in Lasers Improves Polymer Joining
by Tony Hoult, IPG Photonics

Play or Pay? Look to Payroll System for ACA Help
by Marsha Oliver, CPA, Mize Houser & Company P.A.

Innovating Inkjet Technologies for Plastic Products
Scott R. Sabreen, The Sabreen Group and Dene Taylor, Ph.D., SPF-Inc

Surface Treatment Challenges
by Dianna Brodine

2014 TopCon Scheduled

April/May 2013

Accuracy and Experience are Hallmarks for Accubeam
by Amy Bauer

Applying Variable Data with Digital Thermal Transfer Marking
by John Kaverman, Pad Print Pros, LLC

Considerations in Frequency, Thermoplastic Type and Metal Type for Ultrasonic Horns
by Gary Clodfelter, PATSONICS

Durable Graphics Add to Product Security, Branding
by Plastics Decorating

In Bed with the Enemy
by Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE

ANTEC 2013 Draws 2,000 Attendees

Association Honors Bill Morey

January/February 2013

Pad Printing Trends Today and in the Future
by Jeff Peterson

CPX Excels at Decorating Solutions for the Appliance Industry
by Amy Bauer

Port Sealing: An Effective Heat Sealing Solution
by Lance Crawford, Thermal Press International, Inc.

Recent Innovation in 3D and Tactile Effects in Plastics
by Ed Crutchley, Plastics Decoration Technology Watch

Formulating Plastics for Direct Laser Marking
by Scott Sabreen, The Sabreen Group, Inc.

October/November 2012

Adhesives for Assembly
by Edward A.Y. Fisher, engineering manager, Henkel Corp.

Trend Analysis to Acquire Knowledge at Increased Volumes
by Perry Parendo, Perry’s Solutions, Inc.

July/August 2012

Innovation and Sustainability Drive UV-Cured Powder Coating Developments
by Michael Knoblauch and Ryan Schwarb, Keyland Polymer Ltd.

Ultrasonic Welding: The Need for Speed Control
by Tom Kirkland, Tributek

April/May 2012

Heat Transfers
by Eric Steinwachs, United Silicone

NPE2012 Launch Pad for New Assembly Products
by Staff

January/February 2012

Stepper Motor Technology in Pad Printing
by John Kaverman, Pad Print Pros

Technology for Bottle Screen Printing
by Tim Berenda, OMSO North America, Inc.

October/November 2011

Technology Offers Options for RF Welding of Green Materials
by Amy Bauer

Understanding Transactional Costs
by Scott Walton, Harbour Results, Inc.

July/August 2011

Polymer Clichés for Pad Printing
by John Kaverman, Tampoprint

When is it Time to Digitally Decorate?
by Craig Smith and Darlene Putz, Innovative Digital Systems, LLC

April/May 2011

Digital Heat Transfers
by Matt Regan and Chris Blanken

The Great Ultrasonic Stack Joint Debate: Who should you listen to?
by Tom Kirkland, Tributek

January/February 2011

Greener Solutions for Pad Printing
by John Kaverman, Tampoprint International Corporation

Weldability of Bioplastics
by Julius Vogel and David Grewell, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Iowa State University

October/November 2010

Exterior UV-Curable Topcoat For Physical Vapor Deposition Applications
by Kristy Wagner and Jennifer R. Smith, Red Spot Paint and Varnish Company, Inc.

In-Mold Decorating with Pre-Printed Film Inserts
by Ann Marie Lentz, Technical Launch Manager, Serigraph Inc.

July/August 2010

Adhesive Selection for Effective Plastic Bonding
by Anne Forcum, Christine Marotta, Mike Williams, and Nicole Laput, Henkel Corporation

Industrial Direct to Product Decorating in the Digital Age
by Sigi Knappik, New Business Development Manager, ITW Trans Tech

April/May 2010

Exploring the Ultrasonic Welding Stack
by Ken Holt, Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc.

IML Solutions: Five Experts Share Advice
by Renée Varella

The Science of Solving Plastics Adhesion Problems: Contact Angles – Surface Wetting – Chemical Activation
by Scott R. Sabreen, The Sabreen Group, Inc.

January/February 2010

Cold Gas Plasma Surface Modification – Optimize Plastics Bonding Adhesion
by Scott R. Sabreen, The Sabreen Group, Inc.

New v. Used – Points to Ponder
by Tom Kirkland,

October/November 2009

Choosing the Best Plastic Joining Process for the Application
by Bill Heatherwick, Branson Ultrasonics Corporation

Wear Damage of Decorated Parts – Techniques to Understand and Improve Testing
by By Alan D. Jaenecke, TABER® Industries

July/August 2009

Beyond the Bling – PVD/UV Coating Systems that offer more than Beauty and Brawn
by Paul Mills and Jake Adams, Kalcor Coatings Company

Inkjet Printing
by Scott Sabreen, the Sabreen Group

Screen Preparation – A Cornerstone for Successful Screenprinting
by Denise Breard, Contract Associate, SGIA

April/May 2009

Ins and Outs of Hot Stamping v. Heat Transfer
by Keith Hillestad, United Silicone

Surface Activation Systems for Optimizing Adhesion to Polymers
by Rory A. Wolf, Enercon Industries Corporation

Surviving in an Economic Downturn
by Staff

January/February 2009

Basic Material Science for Plastics Laser Marking
by Scott R. Sabreen, The Sabreen Group, Inc.

Recent Advances in the Laser Welding of Plastics
by Bill Cawley, GENTEX Corporation

The Components of a Quality Pad
by John Kaverman

October/November 2008

Advancements in Paint System Design
by Dominic Zerilli, Thierica Equipment Company

Applying Lean Manufacturing to In-Mold Decoration
by Bob Travis, Vibrant Graphics

Questions about Ultrasonic Welding
by Ken Holt, Hermann Ultrasonics, Inc.

July/August 2008

Ask the Expert
by Henry L. Newman, Newman Printing Equipment, Inc.

The InfraStake Process – Seeing the Light
by Scott Beute, Extol, Inc.

The Perception of Color
by John Kaverman, Innovative Marking Systems

April/May 2008

All Vibration Welding Applications Are Not Created Equal
by Bill Heatherwick, Automotive Market Manager, Branson Ultrasonics Corporation

Inks for IML: Proper Choices for Premium Results
by Tom Hammer, Product Manager, North America, Flint Group Narrow Web

Questions on Servo-Driven Hotstamping Machines, Heat Transfer v. Foil Stamping, and Rainbows and Blushing
by Neil Meador, Permadur Industries, Inc.

To Decorate or Not to Decorate… That is the Question!
by Jeff Peterson

January/February 2008

Laser Marking and Machine Vision Codes for Product Security & Traceability
by Scott R. Sabreen

Ultrasonic Welding – Which Frequency
by Tom Kirkland

Understanding the Pad in Pad Printing
by Peter Kiddell, PDS Consulting

Water Transfer Printing Technology
by Mike Richards, TWN Industries, Inc.

October/November 2007

Ask the Expert
by Ken Holt, Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc.

In-mold Labeling – Product Decorating with a Future
by Dr. William Llewellyn, Vice President, AWA Alexander Watson Associates BV

Modern Flexible Coating Lines – Optimized for Demanding Coatings
by John Lowens B.Sc. M.InstMC SPRIMAG Spritzmaschinenbau Gmbh & Co KG, Kirchheim-Teck

Powder Coating – Recent Advancements for Industrial Plastics Applications
by Scott Sabreen, The Sabreen Group, Inc.

July/August 2007

Ask the Expert
by Scott Sabreen, The Sabreen Group, Inc.

Multi-color Screenprinting for Cylindrical Plastic Parts
by Staff

Pad Printing on Textured Surfaces
by John Kaverman, Innovative Marking Systems

April/May 2007

Roll On Hot Stamping
by Neil Meador

The Direction of State-of-the-Art Inkjet Technology
by Annette M. Sharon

UV Color Inkjet Printing for Plastics: Technology Developments for Digital Applications 
by Scott R. Sabreen


January/February 2007

Advancements in Laser Marking of Plastics
by Scott R. Sabreen

Cliché Choices Not So Cut and Dried
by Jeff Peterson

Three-Dimensional Laser Welding
by Jerry Zybko, LEISTER Technologies, LLC and J.W. Chen, LEISTER Process Technologies

October/November 2006

Plastic Welding: Optimal Joint Strength is Rare in the Real World
by Tom Kirkland

UV Curable Inks and Special Effect Decorative Pigments
by Scott Sabreen

July/August 2006

Screen Printing Application Technique – The Value of Using High(er) Screen Tension
by Scott R. Sabreen and Mike Young, The Sabreen Group, Inc.

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding: Weld Processing Modes, their Descriptions, Functions, and Applications
by Kenneth A. Holt, Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc.

April/May 2006

Advances in UV-curable Ink Jet
by Mario Carluccio

Staking & Insertion – Why Heat is the Better Choice
by Michael J. Brunetti

January/February 2006

Heatstaking in a Nutshell
by Eric Gregorich, Plastic Assembly Systems

Multi-color Pad Printing with Automation
by Christopher Connell, ITW Trans Tech

October/November 2005

Electrostatics Advantageous for In-Mold Labeling
by Jay Perry

Flame Plasma Surface Treatment Improves Adhesion of Polymers
by Joseph DiGiacomo and Scott Sabreen

July/August 2005

Pad Printing Tips – Increase Efficiency AND Profitability
by Steve Smith – Diversified Printing Technologies

The Process of Vibration Welding
by Jordan Rotheiser, Rotheiser Design Inc.

April/May 2005

Hot Stamp/Heat Transfer Decorating and Tooling
by Brenda Denny, United Silicone

Thermal Processing – An Overview
by Paul Hurley and Tony Ward, Turnkey Technologies, Inc.

January/February 2005

Computer-to-Plate – The Future for Pad Printing
by Benjamin Adner

In-mold Labeling Standards
by Ron Schultz

October/November 2004

Hot Stamping Basics
by Neil Meador

Molded Part Considerations: Troubleshooting the Ultrasonic Welding Process
by Kenneth A. Holt, Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc.

July/August 2004

Common Problems Associated with Pad Printing
by Liam Clancy

Global Trends in Automotive Electronics Plastic Decoration
by Paul Uglum

April/May 2004

Finding Quantity and Quality
by Norton Kaplan, Automated Assemblies Corporation

Overcoming Challenges when Applying Heat Transfers
by Staff

January/February 2004

Estimating Pad Printing Costs
by John Kaverman, Innovative Marking Systems

Straight Talk About Laser Welding of Thermoplastics
by Tom Kirkland, Dukane Intelligent Assembly Solutions, St. Charles, Illinois, USA

October/November 2003

In-Mold Labeling – Where to Begin?
by Jonathan Lim of Avery Dennison Industrial Products Division

Time Management – Directing the One Resource You Can Control
by Kym Conis

July/August 2003

Minimizing Set-Up and Changeover Times
by John Kaverman

UV Screen Printing Inks for Plastics
by Jeff Morris

April/May 2003

Die Mounting System Choices
by Staff

Preparing Plastics for Painting
by Scott Sabreen and Norman Roobol

January/February 2003

Better, Faster, Cheaper – Trends in Plastic Nameplates
by Bob Trkovsky, VP Sales and Marketing, Spartanics

Working Through Common Pad Printing Challenges
by Steve Costner, Tampoprint International

October/November 2002

Troubleshooting the Polymer Cliché Making Process
by John Kaverman

Zeroing in on a Moving Target
by Jordan Rotheiser

July/August 2002

Breaking Down UV Curable Coatings
by Scott Sabreen and Norman Robool

Container Decorating Challenges
by Henry L Newman

April/May 2002

Prepress Key to Offset Printing Success
by Staff

The Basics in Joint Design for Ultrasonic Assembly
by Staff

January/February 2002

Fixturing Key to Hot Stamped Parts
by Jeff Peterson

Making the Right Choice – Pad Printing Machinery
by John Kaverman

October/November 2001

New Innovations in 3D Curved Parts Decorating
by Jeff Peterson

Open Well versus Sealed Ink Cups
by Staff


July/August 2001

Decorating Hollow Parts
by Jordan Rotheiser

UV Inks For Screen Printing Offers Many Advantages
by Staff

April/May 2001

Selecting the Right Hot Stamping Equipment
by Jeff Peterson

Ultrasonic Welding: Set-up Parameters
by Staff

January/February 2001

Is Making Your Own Screens the Right Choice for You?
by Jeff Peterson

Optimal Conditions for Pad Printing
by John Kaverman


October/November 2000

Heat Transfers – More Than an Image on a Roll 
by Jeff Peterson

Mixing and Matching Pad Printing Inks
by Jeff Peterson

July/August 2000

In-Mold Decorating – What are the Options?
by Jordan Rotheiser

Tooling for Screen Printing Plastic Containers
by Jeff Peterson

April/May 2000

Foil Choices Crucial to Successful Job
by Jeff Peterson

Ultrasonic Welding
by Carla Davenport

January/February 2000

Challenges with Screen Printing Polyethylene and Polypropylene 
by Staff

Marketing on the Web
by Carla Davenport