3 Advantages of Digital Heat Transfers

by CDigital LLC


SUBMITTED Digital heat transfers are clear, full-color-, long-lasting images that can be applied to multiple materials.

There are so many different methods of product decoration and labeling that it can be hard to choose one. But, for a limited short run that needs to be completed quickly, digital heat transfers may be the right decoration method. Digital heat transfers easily can be applied to multiple materials, come in full color and last longer than traditional labeling methods.

The advantages of digital heat transfers include:

1. Decorate multiple materials with ease

Digital heat transfers can be applied to a wide range of products easily. They can be affordably used to decorate glass, metal, plastic, plywood and ceramic materials. This allows companyies to put their logo, or important labels, on nearly any product they produce. Whether it’s commemorative ceramic mugs for employees, plastic water bottles to give away at a trade show or a short run of limited released canned goods, digital heat transfers can do it.

2. Provide full color

The next advantage of digital heat transfers is that they apply full color graphics to products. Any image can be printed at 1,200dpi with 266 lines per inch and a range of 10 million colors. This means the digital heat transfer is detailed and contains the full depth of color from the original image. The quality is comparable to that of a professional magazine’s printing. Digital heat transfer images look just as good as the original.

3. Long-lasting images

Digital heat transfers are more durable and longer lasting than other image application methods. Digital heat transfers also stand up to the rigors of handling and environmental conditions better than traditional printing. If an application requires a label or image that will last a long time and stand up to long amount of use, digital heat transfers are an ideal solution.

CDigital LLC, Baltimore, MD, has been an innovator in developing new systems and processes for using digital print technology to produce transfers for product decoration since 2001. For more information on digital heat tranfers, call 410.646.7800 or visit www.grafixx.com.