Deco Tech Designs Precision Screen Printing System

Deco Tech Designs Precision Screen Printing System

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The DECO TECH DT-767 from Deco Technology Group, Inc.

Deco Technology Group, Inc., Orange, California, has designed the DECO TECH DT-767 series of precision automatic UV container screen printing machines. The new series feature a DC motor-controlled linear walking beam system, which provides accurate color-to-color print registration (+0.1mm) with print speeds up to 70 bottles per minutes.

Either round or oval bottles can be placed into the optional automatic bowl feeder, where they are automatically oriented and transported into the UV-cured screen printing line. Once bottles enter the DECO TECH DT-767 machinery, they are automatically flame-treated and fed through each of the subsequent printing and UV-curing stations. The Panasonic or Allen-Bradley (optional) PLC and touchscreen controller give the operator complete control over all necessary machine functions, and the jobs parameters easily can be adjusted.

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