Kurz Unveils UV Ink Transfer Unit

Kurz Unveils UV Ink Transfer Unit

Plastics Decorating

Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co. KG, Fürth, Germany, unveiled its DM-Liner UV ink transfer unit. This new machine transfers Digital Metal foil onto paper and plastic substrates using the inkjet method.

The Digital Metal decoration step can be performed before or after digital or offset color printing. When the digital metallization is performed as the first processing step, the overprinting produces luminous and vibrant metallic colors. Through the interplay of metallized, non-metallized, overprinted and unprinted surfaces, it is possible to create designs with distinctive color and light effects. This finishing method helps give a unique appearance to advertising materials, packaging or labels. Downstream metal transfer opens up further applications.

The DM-Liner UV Ink is equipped with a registration system that allows the Digital Metal foil to be transferred in precise registration with the color printing. This process is therefore well-suited for late stage customization. It enables preprinted mailouts, brochures, calendars, labels or packaging to be digitally finished in the final work operation and personalized in an attractive manner. The Digital Metal product range also includes a DM-Liner that serves as a foil transfer station for Digital Metal printers that operate with either liquid or dry toner.

For more information, visit www.kurz.de.