Kaverman: The Vicious Cycle of Under-Investment

by John Kaverman, Pad Print Pros

What is it?

  • John Kaverman explained in a previous article that company owners fall prey to the vicious cycle of under-investment when they fail to perform a thorough production cost analysis prior to an equipment purchase. The key is to buy smarter, not cheaper.

I experienced the “Vicious Cycle of Under-Investment” several times in 2016 while consulting for several companies that, amazingly, still insist on trying to be competitive while utilizing antiquated methods, machines and materials. Most of them listened to my advice and escaped that cycle for good. Excellent. Some did not listen and still are stuck wasting money in their efforts.

Analogy time: IF you were in the roofing business, you could use a hammer to pound nails. After all, they are cheaper than nail guns. Heck, you could use a stone. After all, stones make pretty good hammers in a pinch. And they’re FREE – even better!

Of course, if you actually were in the roofing business to make money, you would use a nail gun for faster, cleaner, more consistent results. You probably won’t use cheap materials and a crew of guys that have never had any training. You would want to do it right the first time.

The next issue of Plastics Decorating magazine will feature my article entitled “Modern Pad Printing Technology.” It details what’s new with regard to pad printing machines … at least “newer” than the 30-plus-year-old technology that most people still are struggling with.

So, if you suspect that you might be working for a rock- or hammer-type organization, check it out. If you’re an owner, and you still think rocks and hammers make more sense, you definitely should check it out. Escape the “Vicious Cycle of Under-Investment.”

John Kaverman is the owner of Pad Print Pros LLC, an independent sales and consulting firm, specializing in pad printing. Kaverman has nearly 30 years of industry experience in pad printing in capacities including production, supervision, process, applications and systems engineering, sales and sales management, and technical training.