Inkcups Introduces High-Speed Digital Cylinder Printer

Inkcups, based in Danvers, Massachusetts, a supplier and manufacturer of digital inkjet equipment, pad printing equipment, laser plate-makers and corresponding supplies, has announced its latest innovation and most advanced system to date – the Revolution high-speed digital cylinder printer.

The Revolution is a fully automatic machine capable of printing high-quality, full-color graphics at approximately 600 parts/hour. It features automatic load and unload, integrated pretreatment and patented Helical printing technology. Common applications include stadium cups, pint glasses, stainless and plastic tumblers, cosmetic jars, glass and plastic bottles, beer cans, oil filters and more.

“We are thrilled to announce the release of the Revolution,” said Ben Adner, Inkcups founder and CEO. “I feel it is everything we intended to achieve when we started the project over two years ago. We set out to develop an industrial printer for the sweet spot in the market – a machine that’s fast enough to produce real volume, flexible enough for quick change over, have the outstanding print quality our customers are accustomed to, and priced competitively. We are also proud that our system is designed and built in the US and serviced globally by our experienced team of service engineers.”

The Revolution is the most advanced offering in the Inkcups digital cylinder portfolio and a significant step up in production volume from the company’s successful HelixR model. Order sizes that exceed the practical production limits of the HelixR printer are easily run on the Revolution.

The printer’s inline conveyor can be loaded by an operator or automatically loaded using a robotic system for a more streamlined process. Parts are automatically loaded onto 12 vacuum mandrels, deionized, pretreated with corona or plasma, printed and unloaded onto an exit conveyor after cycling through the machine.

The Revolution prints 360-degree seamless graphics with a maximum resolution of 1,200 dpi on a wide range of cylindrical objects and open-ended tapered vessels. It can print images up to 220 mm tall on a part length of 76 to 305 mm, with a diameter of 63.5 to 111 mm. The print stations utilize Inkcups’ patented Helical technology, which interlaces the inkjet drops in a helical pattern, delivering superior quality images at twice the resolution and image quality compared to similar machines. The system’s printhead technology can cover the full length of a part up to 220 mm without additional printhead requirements, resulting in better image quality without stitching.

The Revolution is delivered as a turnkey package that includes the company’s InkcupCare warranty and service coverage. It is available immediately in North America and will be rolled out globally in 2020.

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