LogoJET Announces UVx40R PLUS

Direct-to-substrate, industrial inkjet printing equipment manufacturer LogoJET, Lafayette, Louisiana, has launched its 15th anniversary celebration with the announcement of the UVx40R PLUS, the latest enhanced edition of the UVx40R tabletop flatbed printer.

With the increased popularity of LogoJET’s UVx40R, some customers requested a longer print bed to accommodate larger media sizes. The UVx40R PLUS increases the 18×18” printer bed size to 18×24” — providing 33% more print area.

The UVx40R PLUS enhancement offers additional print heads that enable more white opacity and/or clear gloss options at the same time. Companies printing on dark media and/or using textures specifically benefit from this new feature, providing more opacity and speed options. Additionally, a rotary attachment is available for the UVx40R PLUS.

The MSRP price on the UVx40R PLUS model (with a print area of 18×24” and four Ricoh GH2220 printer heads) is $35,000. Each purchased LogoJET printer includes on-site set-up and training from a LogoJET expert.

The UVx40R PLUS can be demonstrated at LogoJET’s headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana.

For more information, visit www.logojet.com/.