AERO Sustainable Material Technology Produces Film Coating

Nothing pushes an automotive finish to its limits like motorsports. So Columbus, Ohio-based AERO Sustainable Material Technology was put to the test when applied to the fleet of Corvette Racing C8.Rs. AERO passed in both durability and sustainability — further evidence that it represents an alternative to paint and a solution as the future finish for all vehicle manufacturing at General Motors Company.

“With environmental sustainability a key aspect of General Motors Company’s grand strategy, using paint the way it was traditionally produced is no longer fit for purpose,” said James E. McGuire, Jr., CEO of AERO Sustainable Material Technology.

“As one of the most energy-intensive, water-intensive and environmentally hazardous aspects of a vehicle production line, paint was always going to be a problem on a sustainability journey,” added McGuire. “General Motors Company recognized AERO’s unique sustainability credentials, and we’re now part of General Motors’ roadmap towards environmental sustainability sharing our expertise and creating performance finishes that are kinder to the planet.”

AERO finishes also have aided in wins at Le Mans, Daytona and Sebring through a reduction in weight, an increase in durability and a more effective, environmentally sustainable finish.

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