Plasmatreat Opens Subsidiary in Switzerland

Plasmatreat GmbH, Germany, developer of atmospheric plasma technologies and plasma systems used in pretreating material surfaces, further developed its international proximity to its customers in 2020 by founding the subsidiary Plasmatreat Schweiz AG to better serve the Swiss market. The company has been managed by Klaus Kresser since Aug. 1, 2020.

The newly founded company, based in Diepoldsau in the Swiss Rhine Valley, has targeted its efforts at, among other things, supporting Swiss technology companies in evaluating and implementing plasma technology in their processes.

According to Kresser, Swiss companies in many cases work on technical solutions that then are produced in volume production in Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia. Development of the product, as well as development of the manufacturing processes, is detached from the actual manufacturing sites. Swiss universities or institutes often are also involved in these processes, which are commissioned by large European technology companies. These development teams can draw on Plasmatreat’s expertise, experience and technology in their work. Having the subsidiary in Switzerland means the company is nearby, can take meetings at short notice, and can transfer technology and process knowledge, as well as speed up all the communication surrounding these development steps.

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