Proco Machinery Introduces Upgraded Flame Treater

Proco Machinery Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, has introduced an upgraded flame treater that features several additional enhancements, including automatic self-ignition controls that ignite and control the flame only when required. This results in major energy savings that directly lowers operating costs.

The Proco Flame Treater is versatile and can be adapted for a wide range of products. Optional features can accommodate just about any configuration. Models are available to handle containers as large as 45-gal drums. Burners can be adjusted in height and width. Angular adjustments can be made for irregular or tapered containers.

Proco offers two models – a two-burner system for rectangular containers that flame treats two sides of the bottle, as well as a four-burner flame treater for treatment of round bottles. The four-burner unit comes with an in-built container turning mechanism for rotating the container after flame treating two sides so bottles are treated fully.

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