DECOLINE II Offers Inline Coating

The DECOLINE II by SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES integrates the vacuum metallization (cathode sputtering) as well as all coating and pre-processing steps in a single production run. The components are transported automatically through all processing steps. A central inline vacuum coating machine of the POLYCOATER type is at the heart of the entire line.

The DECOLINE II production line can be operated by a single employee due to its high degree of automation and with maximum output. In principle, not only components made from plastics, but also glass and metal can be coated. For the product design, the clean vacuum coating offers attractive combination possibilities.

The inline sputtering machine POLYCOATER is a central component of the entire line and also is offered to the market as a stand-alone product. This solution automates the production process and significantly reduces production costs with the short cycle times of around six seconds per substrate carrier. Using solvent-free UV lacquers and with the ability to recycle them, the output of emissions is reduced significantly.

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