Nanopixel Announces Creation of MicroEdge

Nanopixel, a subsidiary of the light science technologies group Lumenco in Englewood, Colorado, has announced the creation of MicroEdge. MicroEdge is a patented optical security feature that can be molded directly into the surface of plastic products or packaging. MicroEdge features can include a combination of 3D, animated, flip or on-off images.

Nanopixel is in dialogue with product marketers and designers to bring MicroEdge features to product shelves by Q3 2022. The technology is based on small, light-efficient micro-facets that reflect pixels made of light both above and below the focal plane, which create the 3D animation and other unique visual effects. The floating pixels create an optical image identity that can’t be copied by printed 2D decorative packaging, and it is viewable under under ordinary diffused lighting conditions.

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