Sun Chemical Releases Summer 2022 Regulatory Newsletter

Sun Chemical, Parsippany, New Jersey, has released its Summer 2022 Regulatory Newsletter for customers, which can be downloaded from the company’s website. The latest newsletter features details about the German Consumer Goods Ordinance, which introduced a list of substances permitted to be in the manufacture of printing inks for food-contact materials, as well as regulatory updates for cosmetics, adhesives and more.

Some regulations featured in the newsletter include Delayed Revision of European Union Food-Contact Material Legislation, Prohibition of Titanium Dioxide as food additive (The European Commission), Mercosur Trade Bloc – Amended food-contact materials and articles resultion, FEICA recommendation on Primary Aromatic Amines (PAAs) in Adhesives and more.

Sun Chemical strives to produce bio-renewable, recyclable and compostable products to help its customers meet regulations and reach sustainability goals. Sun Chemical’s annual Corporate Sustainability Report focuses on its commitment to new sustainable products and services to meet customer demand.

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