Plastics Industry Loses a Veteran

Trexel, Inc., Wilmington, Massachusetts, announces the loss of Brian Bechard, its president and CEO. Bechard passed away suddenly of a heart attack while competing in a rowing race on Aug. 6, 2022. While taken too soon, he was living out his athletic passions and doing what he loved. Bechard was 48 years old.


Since 2015, Bechard has served as CEO of Trexel providing leadership and vision, and because of this, he was able to advance its MuCell Technology into new markets and applications. When Bechard arrived at the company, Trexel predominantly supplied its proprietary foaming technology to the automotive industry. Today, while continuing to serve the automotive industry, Trexel has not only the most advanced foaming technology in the world, but products and customers in packaging, footwear, blow molding and electronics, as well as advanced initiatives in the EV market.


Bechard is described by his international team at Trexel as open, fair, supportive and a respected role model. He was a man of integrity and strength, always having a positive, but straightforward outlook. These attributes served Bechard and the company well as he deepened and expanded its relationships with key partners globally. He earned the unanimous admiration and support of Trexel’s Board of Directors.