Inkcups Launches Helix® ONE Digital Cylinder Printer

Inkcups’ Helix® ONE benchtop cylindrical printer joins the Helix® line of direct-to-object printers. This machine utilizes patented Helix® technology in a more compact benchtop design. The Helix® ONE is a dedicated cylinder printing machine designed to decorate straight-walled and tapered cylinders, including plastic bottles, stainless tumblers, candle holders and more.

The Helix® ONE features a motor-driven operation with a fully automatic programmable tooling fixture and height adjust and high-precision, robust linear drive. The Helix® ONE also boasts 8W segmented software-controlled UV curing unit for optimal curing. The machine’s build includes an automatic wiping and capping station, white and black sub-tank recirculating system, and the ability to add in jettable primer. The Helix® ONE’s print heads utilize state-of-the-art MEMs head technology with integrated temperature control system and high-definition drop size (3-picoliter).

Paired with the LV Series UV printer ink, the Helix® ONE is able to reproduce vibrant and intricate images onto a variety of substrates and vessel types in full CMYK and Varnish.

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