3DT Announces Its Updated Plasma Treatment System

Press release submitted on behalf of 3DT LLC. 

3DT LLC, Germantown, Wisconsin, has announced its updated plasma treatment system. The PlasmaDyne Pro 100 has been updated to provide the same reliable atmospheric plasma surface treatment but with many new control features. This new plasma system is part of our proven PlasmaDyne series with our powerful, time-tested plasma technology. However, it has been fully upgraded for Smart Manufacturing with automation and interface devices for collecting data and adjusting treatment modes in real time. Further, PlasmaDyne Pro 100 is now available as a standard product in our inventory for quick production and shipping.

PlasmaDyne Pro 100 was developed with several advanced features to monitor performance and preserve production data. Its updated control systems continuously monitor generator parameters and supports remote data collection through Ethernet I/P. Additionally, the PlasmaDyne Pro 100 includes a discrete I/O connector for controlling and monitoring the system.

PlasmaDyne Pro 100 produces atmospheric plasma which improves the bonding of ink, paint, adhesives, and coatings on materials with low surface energy. It also etches and micro-cleans surfaces causing them to be functionalized for better adhesion. These materials include: plastics, rubber, glass, paper, metal and composites. In terms of production, higher surface energy provides faster through-put, higher quality products and less waste.

PlasmaDyne Pro 100 is sold with one treating head, available in two styles depending on the customer’s application. It can be delivered with a rotating or stationary head. Rotating heads treat a wide area of 15 – 40mm. Stationary heads treat a narrow area of 10 – 12 mm. PlasmaDyne Pro 100 can operate as a stand-alone unit or can be incorporated into a production line. The treating heads are easily mounted, simplifying integration into existing systems such as robots, conveyor systems, and indexing systems.

Other features include:
• Power and treatment levels are adjustable for various applications
• Local or remote control modes
• Color touch display monitors all system parameters
• Ethernet connection for control & monitoring all system data
• Intelligent fault monitoring system
• Compact and economical
• Safe and ozone-free

PlasmaDyne has been an important part of 3DT’s surface treatment solutions for more than two decades. Because of our dedication to continual improvement and response to customer need, we have made numerous improvements over the years. For instance, we have modernized our software and components, upgraded our treating heads, reduced the size of the cabinet, and expanded our automation and product handling options. One significant change we’ve made is to develop a plasma system that has adjustable power and treatment levels providing flexibility in the types of applications and materials treated. Now, all of this and more is available with PlasmaDyne Pro 100. For more information, visit www.3DTLLC.com.