Forward Technology to Launch Upgraded Servo Spin Welder at NPE 2024

Press release submitted on behalf of Forward Technology.

Forward Technology, Cokato, Minnesota, a leading manufacturer of standard and custom plastic welding equipment and testing systems, introduced a newly upgraded version of its HD-OSW servo spin welder at NPE 2024. The standard series model has undergone a major upgrade, providing greater performance, the latest in user-friendly features, and simplified integration for automated manufacturing systems, according to Brett Raisanen, President of Forward Technology.

“We see strong market demand for our upgraded HD-OSW model which is an economical, high-performance option that ensures ease of use and integration for both customers and integrators alike,” said Raisanen.

The upgraded spin welder addresses the industry’s growing labor shortage, providing a broad range of user-friendly features to facilitate operation with a minimal need for assistance or training. Among the new updates are a fully revamped electrical architecture and controls, higher resolution touch screen, the look and feel of a computer tablet, and an enhanced servo drive for greater performance.

The newly improved spin welder also offers easier export of logged data, easier integration of the machine into plant wide SCADA or other network infrastructure, and multiple communication protocol options for ease of integration. This is important for machine builders/integrators who now have the option of using their native control architecture without engineering fees or changes to a standard machine.

The HD-OSW is a heavy-duty pneumatic motion-controlled orientation (servo motor) spin welder designed for larger diameter, more difficult spin welding applications requiring delivery of high rotational power while maintaining the highest degree of precision. The HD-OSW is also commonly used for small, intricate parts. The high-performance servo package allows for precise torque control in addition to the instantaneous stopping required to prevent a small weld from breaking. It is capable of orienting part halves relative to each other with a positioning accuracy of +/- 1.0 deg. Exact start (home) and stop (final orientation) points can be programmed and precisely controlled.

Other improvements include simplified remote support without the need for third-party software or additional hardware, simplified electrical integration, and enhanced diagnostics and messaging for operators and maintenance staff. The HD-OSW has a standard suite of options which are easily expandable and customizable for any special requests, enhanced features, or machine upgrades.

The upgraded HD-OSW is targeted for a wide range of injection molded applications requiring high rotational power or critical stopping capability. Key target markets include automotive, filtration, medical, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and general industrial.

Forward Technology has been a designer and manufacturer of spin welders since 1993. The company offers a broad product line ranging in maximum speeds up to 16,000 rpm and available in both heavy-duty servo-electric (orientation based) and pneumatic (inertial based) models for a wide array of applications. Forward’s other standard model spin welders, the PSW (inertial based), and the HD-2XOSW (dual-axis servo), are also being upgraded. They are available to meet the wide variety of spin welding applications in the marketplace.

Forward Technology, a company of the Crest Group, designs and manufactures one of the broadest portfolios of standard and customized plastic assembly and testing systems specifically targeted for thermoplastics. The product line includes systems for hot plate welding, vibration welding, infrared welding, spin welding, and ultrasonic welding as well as systems for burst testing and custom leak testing. By combining knowledge, service, and support throughout the Crest Global Plastics group, member companies provide world-class products with local service and support.

Forward has also released a new website design which features the same deep level of detail with a new and improved look. More details on the HD-OSW, as well as other standard spin welders, are available online, along with the contact forms for connecting with Forward’s experienced application engineering team.

About Forward Technology
Forward Technology, located in Cokato, Minn., is a world-class manufacturer that designs and builds one of the widest available arrays of standard and customized plastic assembly and testing systems specifically targeted for thermoplastic parts. Forward Technology is a unit of the Crest Group – a multinational corporation comprised of several entities (some with similar offerings) who share ideas and technological developments to enhance and expand the capabilities of the entire Crest Group Company. To visit the parent company’s website, go to

Forward Technology manufactures systems for hot plate welding, vibration welding, infrared welding, spin welding, and ultrasonic welding, as well as burst testing and custom leak testing. The company can incorporate standard core technology into automated systems, including those with robotic capabilities, to meet specific requirements. For more information, visit