Sonics Introduces the NEW DX Series OEM DSP Power Supply – Model DX800 On Display at NPE 2024

Press release submitted on behalf of Sonics & Materials

Since 1969, Sonics & Materials has led the field of ultrasonic plastics welding equipment and technology. The privately-held, family run company is proudly celebrating its 55th anniversary this year and promoting its full range of high-powered ultrasonic equipment engineered for plastics assembly at the upcoming NPE2024 show. Sonics manufactures a comprehensive range of plastics welding equipment, tooling and components, from hand-held units to bench model presses to ultrasonic kits for OEM applications.

The company is introducing a new DX Series OEM DSP (Digital Signal Processor) Power Supply at NPE 2024 – the Model DX800. The DX800 offers energy savings, increased throughput with faster welds and advanced data capture and control. In addition to the DX Series power supply, Sonics offers an array of OEM kits and stack components designed for installation into special assembly systems.

This innovative state of the art DSP controlled power supply is able to scan the ultrasonic stack (converter/booster/horn) to determine the optimal starting frequency.  The result is increased success with difficult ultrasonic horns, such as those with an irregular or nonsymmetrical shape, multiple frequencies, or wearing from long term use and difficult applications. Start modes are also available in “last frequency” mode and user defined mode, with phase offset automatically adjusting operating frequency for high load conditions.

The DX800 offers Time and Energy control with an LED bar graph for easy to view activity monitoring and error status. Predictive maintenance and machine learning algorithms can be implemented by a hosting system, and has three communication protocols available to configure or log data (USB, Ethernet I/P and PLC I/O).

Over the past 55 years, Sonics has strengthened its role as an industry pioneer with all manufacturing done in Connecticut. The company has acquired over 30 patents for technological innovations, continuing the work started by Robert Soloff, who was awarded the original patent for the ultrasonic method of welding thermoplastic parts.

In addition to this newly released kit, Sonics will be exhibiting other products at NPE2024 to represent their full product offering:

Hand Held Welder: Weld by digital time and/or energy with Sonics’ 500-watt ultrasonic hand-held welding systems for manual assembly operations, such as spot welding, staking and inserting. Available in 20, 30 and 40 kHz frequencies, these lightweight hand-held systems feature autotuning, programmable time or energy, and digital amplitude control.

Xpress Integrated Welder: The Xpress welder is an economical option for budget sensitive projects.  Available in 15 kHz and 20 kHz frequencies, it is suitable for a wide range of applications and thermoplastic components. The X-Press is powered by a built-in microprocessor-controlled generator

GXE2200/2050 System: The 20 kHz ultrasonic welding equipment model 2050 is a bench press design with a front panel that provides pneumatic speed and pressure controls. This unit has a direct in line air cylinder and allows for welding by digital time and/or constant energy mode. Similar models are available in 15 kHz and 30 kHz frequencies.

ElectroPress System: The ElectroPress Welding Systems offer repeatable Welds to Precise Final Dimensions. Sonics’ 15, 20, 30 and 40 kHz e-Press™ ultrasonic plastics assembly systems feature a stepper motor drive with optical linear encoder that provides superior precision control with a weld depth tolerance of +/-0.0003 inches (0.008 millimeters). Electric stepper motor with ball screw actuator assures repeatable welds to pre-set final weld requirements. The system is comprised of an e-Press, GXP power supply, and integrated stepper controls.

Sonics will also display a full range of Packaging Equipment including a Pouch Sealer and Package Sealing Modules.