Proell’s Inks and Functional Lacquers

Edited by Lara Copeland, contributing editor, Plastics Decorating

Proell, Inc., the US subsidiary of Proell KG based in Germany, is located in St. Charles, Illinois, and first opened its doors more than 20 years ago. However, over 80 years ago, Proell began producing high-quality inks and functional lacquers for innovative industrial applications and graphic printing.

Pad printing lends itself well to printing 2D and 3D objects, even those with difficult shapes. Kayla Donegan, sales representative at Proell, said the company offers one-and-two-component pad printing inks covering a wide range of printable materials. “Our solvent-based, quick drying universal and customized pad printing inks are available in high opaque color shades and process inks, which can be used in both open and closed cup pad printing machines.” Various substrates are available on the market, and the same ink system will not meet industry adhesion standards for each material. “As a result, we must off er a diverse selection to meet our customers’ stringent requirements, and we also must consider the constant emergence of new plastics, which requires a diverse selection of pad printing inks as well.”

Additionally, Proell provides inks for IMD/FIM technology. After collaborating with Covestro AG to develop its original IMD ink, Proell has since gone on to develop even more.

With film insert molding technique, various films are back-printed using the screen-printing process, formed three-dimensionally with high pressure forming process and then injection molded with plastic resin on the screen-printed side. The IMD screen printing ink NORIPHAN® HTR N and the adhesion promoter NoriPress® SMK make up a combination of durable, attractive products for automotive interiors, telecommunications and panels for household appliances.

“Proell’s inks for IMD/FIM technology are able to withstand the forming process without cracking, are highly opaque and have extreme washout resistance during injection molding,” said General Manager David Haas. “IMD/FIM allows the user to produce durable, attractive products with graphics that will withstand the test of time.” Since the graphics are trapped between various plastic films and the injection molding resin, they will never degrade.

New concepts often include Proell’s chemical- and abrasion-resistant lacquers, such as Norilux® DC. “These lacquers further allow customers to screen print numerous effects, such as haptic brush effects, and they are able to offer high-end design,” said Haas. Proell offers additional value in its inks as each system is backed by a highly experienced research and development team. “We off er full technical support that allows our inks to be processed at optimal levels and offer custom solutions if we are not able to achieve customer requirements with our standard ink systems.”

Proell recognizes its customers’ commitment to using environmentally friendly ink systems and fully supports their desires. “With inks that are REACH compliant, TSCA approved for the US – as well as meet the requirements for numerous European-based regulations – Proell’s customers appreciate the significance the company places on the environment,” Haas explained.

“Proell has been developing tailor-made solutions for our customers for over 80 years,” said Donegan. “It’s visible when you work with our team in the US, China and Germany.”