Inkcups Reveals Laser Plate Etching Machine

Inkcups Reveals Laser Plate Etching Machine

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Danvers, Massachusetts-based Inkcups has revealed CobaltONE, the newest evolution in laser plate etching machines. It utilizes the latest in fiber laser technology to enable it to etch the smallest dot size and the finest images.

The CobaltONE’s name is derived from the ability to combine all aspects of laser plate etching technology into one. Although small in size, the CobaltONE contains an integrated computer system with an Intel i5 processor, solid-state hard drive and a USB 3.0 port to easily upload artwork.

Its compact footprint allows it to fit in small spaces – as opposed to any other laser plate etching machine on the market. Use Inkcups’ patented Cobalt Plates to etch images in minutes and for use of up to 30,000+ impressions.

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