Systematic Automation Develops Bottle Treater

Systematic Automation Develops Bottle Treater

Plastics Decorating


Systematic Automation Inc., Farmington, Connecticut, has developed a low-cost, high-production UV curing and pretreatment system for any cylindrical product.

The Bottle Treater (patents applied) is revolutionary in its method of delivering UV, flame or Pyrosil treatment to products. Only requiring one 2″ UV and pretreatment element, the Bottle Treater will UV cure products up to 10″ in height. This drastically lowers energy consumption and cost of consumables.

Both UV and pretreatment systems can be integrated into the Bottle Treater. UV inks may need flame or Pyrosil pretreatment for better adhesion. The throughput of the Bottle Treater is approximately 1,800 parts per hour and will remain the same regardless of the part diameter.

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