Inkcups Introduces Transparent Pin Curing for Helix® Printers

Printing industry supplier and manufacturer Inkcups, Danvers, Massachusetts, has released a new feature for Helix® digital cylinder printers: transparent pin curing (TPC). TPC enables UV inkjet printing on clear products without the need to add a UV-blocking agent into the vessel.

Traditionally, UV inkjet printing on clear vessels requires a stuffing agent (a “foxtail”) to block the UV light from curing the ink and damaging the print heads. With this new patent-pending technology, containers remain uncontaminated and sterile on the inside, and print head life is protected.

The proprietary TPC system is available now as a field-upgradable retrofit for existing Helix® printers or on new Helix® machines. The TPC system feature is engineered and manufactured in the US.

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