SPE Announces Newly Elected Executive Board Members

SPE, Danbury, Connecticut, is pleased to announce recently elected executive board members, as well as a newly appointed president.

Dr. Jaime A. Gómez, president and CEO at Equitech, assumed the position of SPE president July 1. The president’s term will run from 2020-2021. Dr. Jason Lyons, business manager at Arkema, will serve as SPE’s president-elect until 2021, when he will start his term as president through 2022. Other new board members who began their terms July 1 include Edward Trueman, who will serve as VP of business and finance, a three-year term running through 2023, and Conor Carlin, who will serve as VP of sustainability, a three-year position that also runs through 2023.

New executive board members

Dr. Jaime Gómez – president
Jaime Gómez has 30 years of industry experience that includes plastics, specialty chemicals and materials handling — industries where he has conducted basic and applied research, evaluation and acquisitions of technologies and companies, international business development and corporate strategic planning. Gómez is president & CEO of Equitech, a company dedicated to the inline measurement of chemical concentration, and color and film thickness for a myriad of industries.

Gómez joined SPE in 1987 while pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of Connecticut. While there, he served as SPE’s Student Chapter president for two terms. He also served as a member of SPE’s Extrusion Division Board of Directors for six years and helped establish the Next Generation Advisory Board (NGAB). Gómez has been a member of SPE’s Board of Directors since 2013 and has served as SPE’s secretary, treasurer, VP Marketing & Communications, VP Events, and president-elect. Dr. Gómez received SPE’s President’s Cup in 2014 and the Excellence in Mentoring Award in 2017. He also invented and produced The Plastics Race™, an event that promotes networking and knowledge exchange between SPE members. Gómez was named president of SPE for the 2020-2021 term.

Gómez received a BS in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellín, Colombia, an MS in Organic Chemistry from Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas, and a Ph.D. in Polymer Science from the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut. In addition to his technical training, Gómez received an MBA from New York University (Stern School of Business) with concentration in International Business, Finance & Marketing.

Dr. Jason Lyons – president-elect
Jason Lyons is business manager for Arkema, Inc. He has been with Arkema since 2006. Prior to joining Arkema, Lyons was research engineer for NovaComp, Inc. where he successfully managed all aspects of a Phase I & II SBIR grant with the Army Research Labs while writing and applying for additional federal grants.

From 2010-2018, Lyons sat on the SPE Engineering Properties & Structure Division (EPSDIV) Board of Directors. During that time, he introduced the EPSDIV Seminar Series, was an EPSDIV technical program chair in 2010 and 2017 and was EPSDIV chair in 2014. He has been on the SPE Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing Special Interest Group Board of Directors since 2016 and has been an ANTEC® moderator since 2010. Lyons has been on the SPE Executive Board as VP Divisions since 2016.

Lyons received his Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Engineering from Drexel University and his Bachelor of Science degree in Textile Engineering from Philadelphia University.

Edward Trueman – VP of business and finance
Edward Trueman, CEO/president of Edward Trueman, LLC, has a deep history in company development, organizational and revenue growth. His experience is focused on leading, building, growing, funding and managing, successful high growth polymers, plastics and composite technology companies. Trueman is an accomplished communicator promoting internal and external business relationships that drive and sustain sales and market share while growing shareholder value.

Trueman has broad executive leadership experience on an international scale with experience in the US, Canada, Malaysia, Philippines and India. Trueman is an active member of the SPE Detroit Chapter and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Eastern Michigan University.

Conor Carlin – VP of sustainability
Conor Carlin is managing director at Illig LP North America. He is a skilled manager with over 15-years of global experience in business strategy, technology commercialization, marketing and sales management. Carlin has international expertise in negotiations, contract development and sales growth for capital equipment and plastic materials.

Carlin’s involvement in SPE includes positions as membership chair, technical chair and magazine editor for the Thermoforming Division (2006 – present) and is currently board member/secretary for the SPE Recycling Division (since 2017). Other SPE roles include his position as board member and secretary for the SPE Foundation (2015-2017). Carlin has been on the SPE Executive Board since 2017 as VP Marketing & Communications.

Carlin holds a Master of Business Administration from Babson College, F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations & French Language/Literature from Boston University.

As of July 1, SPE’s current executive board members are:

  • Dr. Jaime Gómez, president
  • Patrick Farrey, chief executive officer
  • Dr. Jason Lyons, president-elect
  • Conor Carlin, VP of sustainability
  • Edward Trueman, VP of business and finance
  • Dr. Scott Eastman, VP of chapters
  • Bruce Mulholland, VP of professional development
  • Lynzie Nebel, VP of member engagement
  • Dr. Raymond Pearson, VP of publications
  • Dr. Brian Landes, past president

For more information, visit www.4spe.org.