Dynamic Conveyor Introduces Modular, Powered Roller Conveyor

In spring 2022, Dynamic Conveyor Corporation, Norton Shores, Michigan, introduced its latest conveyor line: DynaRoller.

DynaRoller is a modular, zone-powered roller conveyor system with a simplistic mechanical and controls design that allows for industry-leading capability and safety features.

DynaRoller is a motor-driven roller (MDR), zone-powered conveyor system offering zero pressure accumulation functionality. Its patented design includes capturing all motor and drive components within an enclosed side channel making it the safest roller conveyance option on the market.

Integration with its patented, omnidirectional transfer units allows for right angle transfers and diverting to meet the most demanding sortation needs. DynaRoller is a good end of line solution that complements Dynamic Conveyor’s other conveyor systems – DynaCon, DynaClean, Box Filling and Hybrid – or works as a solution in new applications where there is a need for a more advanced conveyance system.

This includes such applications as packaging, sortation, fulfillment, end of line manufacturing, robotics integration and other light to medium duty unit handling applications.

For more information, visit www.DynamicConveyor.com.