Inkcups Introduces ArtPrep

Inkcups, Danvers, Massachusetts, has announced the launch of its latest innovation, ArtPrep. ArtPrep is a proprietary art preparation software that aims to save companies time and resources.

ArtPrep simplifies and automates the process, providing an end result that is print-ready, reducing the overall time spent from 15 minutes to 15 seconds. ArtPrep is compatible with all Inkcups digital machines. ArtPrep is an ideal solution for those companies who handle a large quantity of artworks for their daily production.

Currently, it has two different versions, ArtPrep and ArtPrep pro. It requires Windows 10 or higher, has storage of 75mb and additional storage for files being created and system compatibility for X360, X2, X5, X5-T, XJET, XJET800 (TIFF) and Helix, Helix HI-FI, Double Helix and Revolution (PDF).

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