KURZ Group Member Optionally Integrates Cleaning Process

BAIER Prägetechnik, a member of the KURZ Group, has integrated a quattroClean cleaning system into its hot stamping machines. Innovative hot stamping technology coupled with optimally coordinated dry snow-jet cleaning produces plastic surfaces that meet the highest demands in terms of design and functionality. With its cooperation with acp Systems, BAIER Prägetechnik has realized this user advantage.

Optionally integrated in the hot stamping machines, the quattroClean cleaning systems guarantee the required surface cleanliness before stamping. After stamping, residues of the transfer product, which can occur with metallized coatings and solutions with thick decorative and functional layers, can be removed in a damage-free process with high contour accuracy.

Decisive factors for including the cleaning process included such advantages as unlimited design and personalization options, the integration of functional features and high flexibility. Compared with conventional processes, such as electroplating, chrome plating and painting, the coating technology also scores when it comes to cost-effectiveness, resource efficiency and sustainability.

To learn more, visit www.acp-systems.com.