Tech Watch: Diversified Printing’s G-Turbo 350

by Brittany Willes, Plastics Decorating
The G-Turbo 350 pad printer from Diversified Printing Techniques, Charlotte, North Carolina, features new components and state-of-the-art technology to enhance the pad printing process.

Specifically designed for big parts printing, the G-Turbo 350 pad printer features new components and state-of-the-art technology to enhance the pad printing process. Available from Diversified Printing Techniques, Charlotte, North Carolina, the exclusive US distributor for Kent Pad Printers, the G-Turbo 350 offers independent pad cylinders and an environmentally friendly granite structure.

The Turbo 350 uses unique cylinders for the up-and-down movement of each of the two independent pads, allowing the machine to function as two machines in one. “By having separate cylinders, the pads can compress more, providing clear print quality and larger images,” explained Micah Swett, sales manager for Diversified Printing. “Furthermore, separate cylinders also allow for increased product sizes.” Setup and operation are made easier through PLC control and a large touchscreen panel. According to Swett, the touchscreen allows for a very simple interface with clear selections for variable changes. “Another great feature is the machine’s ability to save up to 20 jobs,” remarked Swett. “Combined with Kent’s dead-on plate registration system, artwork changeovers are simple and can be done in minutes.”

The Turbo 350 features a revolutionary granite stone machine structure, which ensures performance and stability while offering greater environmental protection. Granite is a more stable material than metal, making for a longer-lasting and attractive machine. “By using granite side walls, there is a great deal less manufacturing that must be done in order to manufacture the machine,” Swett said. As a result, the machine is more environmentally friendly.

In addition to the machine’s “green” structure, the Turbo 350 also is able to use a laser-engraved green plate, thin steel plate or polymer printing plates. Both the pad and printing plate platform feature an in/out design suitable for maximum product size. Additionally, the optional servo drive pad in/out carriage has programmable print position. Other programmable features include the pad clean cycle, pad stroke and speed adjustment. Dwell and delay time also are adjustable, depending on the requirements for the product printed.

Finally, users can choose from two versions of the G-Turbo 350. As Swett stated, “The Turbo 350 can either be outfitted with a pneumatic pad in/out or with a digital/servo pad in/out drive.” The version that contains the servo allows for greater versatility and ease of setup and changeover. However, “all versions of the Turbo have a servo product shuttle to make setup very easy, and all servo motion has a +/- 0.02mm tolerance.”

Overall, Diversified has received positive reports from customers who have installed the Turbo 350. “Customers appreciate the ease of setup, and they really like what this printer is capable of,” Swett said. “The learning curve is minimal, and the machine helps reduce the need for the operator to think through every variable.”

Technical details

The Turbo 350 features two green ink cups, each 125mm. The machine’s printing plate size is 150x350mm. Maximum speed (dry cycle) is 700/hr (2-color). The Turbo’s pad cylinder measures 63x125mm and the pad carriage stroke in/out is 300mm.

Power consumption for the Turbo 350 is 220V, while air consumption measures approximately 390 liter/min. The machine’s dimensions are 1,200x900x1,650mm with an approximate weight of 500kg. The Turbo has an accuracy measure of 0.025mm.