Equipment Highlight: Pad Printing

Apex Machine Company
Apex Machine Company, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has redesigned its C-400 cylindrical parts printer – changing the way golf tees are decorated. A versatile turnkey decorating system, the C-400 delivers high-quality multi-color, 360-degree shaft decorating. The C-400 is capable of printing inside the cups of golf tees and is designed to help reduce the need for manufacturers to handle golf tees twice. Additional benefits include:

  • Production speeds ranging from 80 to 140-plus parts per minute
  • Turnkey options such as feeding and bagging
  • Ability to print in up to four colors
  • Quick-change features to reduce downtime caused by artwork, color or part changeover

Automark, located in Austin, Texas, announces delivery of the advanced automated servo-driven pad printing machines, circumferentially printing catheter tubes. These European-built printers offer automatic trough loading, surface pre-treatment, accurate fully circumferential pad printing through servo motors, tape cleaning and built-in drying. Output is several hundred fully decorated catheters printed per hour. The machine also can print various sized tubes and save print specs for quick recall.

Deco Technology Group, Inc.
Deco Tech, located in Placentia, California, announces a new microPrint Swiss precision MODUL-200 motor-driven pad printing automation with servo-driven part shuttle and multi-axis servo part rotation and tilt for decorating complex shaped plastic housings used in the home appliance sector. The MODUL-200 machine features linear motor- and servo-driven controls for horizontal and vertical pad stroke/ movements. It is equipped with an automatic tape pad cleaning system and ink viscosity control system to continually mix the ink and automatically pump thinner into the ink cups. This system is designed to print on a variety of appliance housings such as blenders, clothes irons, toasters, electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, vacuum cleaners and more.

Diversified Printing Techniques
Diversified Printing Techniques, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, introduces the advanced G-Turbo-350IDSFlex. It offers all of the original benefits of the Turbo-350IDS including two-color, dead-on registered plates for fast job changes, G-cups for simple clean up, tape clean for improved quality, servo carriage and shuttle for ease and precision of setup, PLC control with HMI for simple operator interface, and job saves for improved set-up times. The G-Turbo-350IDSFlex includes an additional servo axis for rotation of the tooling for printing on multiple axes of the part. The G-Turbo-350IDSFlex also includes up to 24 print locations, opening up possibilities for printing on non-traditional setups.

Inkcups, located in Danvers, Massachusetts, a supplier and manufacturer of pad printing equipment, laser platemakers and corresponding supplies, introduces a solution for branding hard hats with the ICN-150-4C. This four-color, large-image pad printing machine provides enhanced flexibility for decorating hard hats, handling 150 mm ink cups that allow for printed images up to 140 mm in diameter. Moreover, easily maneuverable fixtures enable operators to position the hard hat precisely for printing. When paired with BA Series Pad Printing Ink and a hardener, it ensures superior abrasion resistance.

ITW Trans Tech
ITW Trans Tech, located in Carol Stream, Illinois, offers the versatile and robust Orion 130 pad printer. Designed as a modular system, the Orion can print as either a single or multi-color system with cup sizes of 60, 90 and 130 mm. Options, including a linear slide, allow operators to print long substrates, such as catheters, or utilize an electric shuttle. The system can put down multiple images of varying sizes and colors in a single cycle. The Orion can be paired with various options, such as a pretreatment, pad blower and tape-off options, among others.

Kent, headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Canada, introduces PFD, 3D foil pad printing systems. PFD seamlessly integrates features from pad printing and hot foil stamping within a singular system, offering striking visual impact beyond traditional methods. Versatile across flat, curved or textured surfaces, PFD excels on intricate three-dimensional shapes with embossed patterns and letters. Available in various models, PFD serves multiple purposes, supporting multi-color pad printing, hot foil stamping, or a combination.

Standard Machines
Standard Machines, headquartered in Newburyport, Massachusetts, has improved upon its HD Servo Pad Printer. Its newly designed quick change plate system makes this machine a versatile and cost-effective pad printer. The HD Servo can quickly change print plate size from using a 100 x 225 mm (4X9″) to 150 x 300 mm or even up to 200 x 400 mm. n